AQUA Dongle v1.8 A.I.O Module Update Released

 Aqua-Dongle A.I.O Module V1.8 Special Update eMMc ISP , Huawei & MTK

Fast Speed !!! Fast Work !!! Fast Updates !!!
We are Glad to Present Aqua-Dongle New Addition
HOT! --- Free eMMc ISP Module Support
Any Universal Adapter Will Work as long as Connected
  • * Oppo eMMC ISP Repair.
  • * VIVO eMMC ISP Repair.
  • * XIAOMI eMMC ISP Repair.
  • * Realme eMMC ISP Reapir.
More To Come
  • [Added] Read Detailed eMMc ISP Device Adapter Info
  • [Added] Read Detailed Device Props Info with Emmc Size
  • [Added] Remove Frp Lock
  • [Added] Factory Reset Safe Methods
  • [Added] Factory Reset Deep Methods
  • [Added] Read Contacts for Non-Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Read Sms for Non-Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Read Call Logs for Non-Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Remove Pattern-Pin-Password Locks for Non-Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Disable Pattern-Pin-Password Locks for Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Relock Pattern-Pin-Password Locks for Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Read Pattern Lock for Non-Encrypted Devices
  • [Added] Read Device Security
  • [Added] Write Device Security
  • [Added] Wipe Device Security
  • [Added] Dump,Read,Customize Any System Partition
  • [Added] Dump,Write,Customize Any System Partition
  • [Added] Dump,Wipe,Customize Any System Partition
  • [Added] Read Factory Firmware (.XML)
  • [Added] Write Factory Firmware (.XML)
This Our First Update of This Module
So a'lot More is To Come in This Module
  • [Added] MTK Android Generic devices
  • [Added] Read Full System Info in Flash Mode
  • [Added] Show Information For Factory Id, Flash Type, Flash Ver, Sec Patch Etc
  • [Added] Show Device Information while FRP Unlock
  • [Added] Most Generic device are supported with select Da type
We will add Secure Devices in Comming Updates 
  • Improved! Huawei Frp Unlocking in Tp Mode for
    • Huawei HiSilicon Honor KIRIN950
    • Huawei HiSilicon Honor KIRIN955
    • Huawei HiSilicon Honor KIRIN960
    • Huawei HiSilicon Honor KIRIN970
More Updates will Follow
We Appreciate Our Users Support/Bug Reports

No Need Credits
No Need Activation
No Need Extra Pack
No Need Every Time Internet

What is Aqua-Dongle ?
Aqua-Dongle is Multi-Language Gsm Service Software with Promising future,
Software is Designed to have Multi-Language Support and No Internet Connection
so users get full Control over and can be easily switched to multiple systems with unique version token system users can use it for lifetime.

How to Download Setup ?
Setup can Only Be Obtained from Your Reseller or Support Team.
Verificiation is Required!

How to Buy ?

More Updates will Follow Us
We Appreciate Our Users Support/Bug Reports

Best Regard
AQUA Dongle Team
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