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Cheetah Samsung Tool v1.6.2 Update Released

Cheetah Samsung Tool Ver 1.6.2 is out!
Welcome to Cheetah Samsung Tool Software Version 1.6.2

[Added News]
  • Added Repair Security [S20&S20 Ultra Qualcomm Chipset] USA Model
  • Added Repair Patch CERT Qualcomm Lastet Security
  • Added Unlock Sprint [NG] 2 Method
  • Added Unlock AT&T Qualcomm CPU [2Method]
  • Added Unlock Cricket Qualcomm CPU
  • Added Unlock Xfinity Qualcomm CPU
  • Added Unlock Sprint Qualcomm CPU
  • Added Wipe Security Qualcomm CPU
  • Added Unlock MSL MTK
  • Added Unlock MSL Exynos
  • Added Unlock Exynos TMB Metro PCS With ROOT
  • Added Unlock Exynos Dual SIM IN Combination [2 Method]
  • Added Unlock Exynos Single SIM IN Combination [2Method]
Operation to Unlock the Following Models:
Direct Unlock Exynos Chipset Dual SIM, Sing SIM IN [Combination] Method1
  • SM-N950F, SM-N950N,j260F,A710F
  • SM-G950FD,SM-G950F,SM-G950N,SM-G955F,SM-G955FD,SM-G955N
  • SM-J701FSM-J701M,SM-J530F,SM-J701MT,SM-J727A,SM-J727AZ,SM-J727T
  • SM-J727T1,SM-J727S,SM-J727U,SM-J730F,SM-J730FM,SM-J730G,SM-J730GM
  • SM-J730K,SM-J530FM,SM-J530G,SM-J530GM,SM-J530L,SM-J530S,SM-J530Y,SM-J530YM
  • SM-A320F,SM-A320FLSM-A320Y,SM-A510F,SM-A510FD,SM-A510M,SMA510MD
  • SM-A510K,SM-A510L,SM-A510S,SM-A510Y,SM-A510YD,SM-A520F,SM-A520FD
  • SMA520K,SMA520L,SM-A520S,SM-A520W,SM-A530F,SM-A530FD,SM-A530N
  • SM-A530W,SM-A720F,SM-A720S,SM-G390F,SM-G390Y,SM-G390W,SM-G570F
  • SM-G570FD,SM-G570M,SM-G570MD,SM-G570Y,SM-G610F,SM-G610FD,SM-G610FZ
  • SM-G610K,SM-G610L,SM-G610M,SM-G610S,SM-G610Y,
  • SM-J326AZ,SM-J330F,SM-J330L,SM-J327A,SM-J327AZ,SM-J327U,SM-J327W,SM-J330FD,
  • SM-J330FN,SM-J330G,SM-J330GM,SM-J330N
  • SM-J120A,SM-J120AZ,
  • SM-P585,SM-P585NSM-P585N0,SM-P585Y,SM-P587,SM-P588C,SM-S337TL
  • SM-S550TL,SM-S737TL,SM-T395,SM-T395N
Operation to Unlock the Following Models:
Direct Unlock Qualcomm Chipset
  • SM-G973U/U1, SM-G975U/U1, SM-G970U/U1, SM-G977U/U1, SM-N970U/U1
  • SM-N975U/U1, SM-G960U/U1, SM-G965U/U1, SM-G960U/U1, SM-G965U/U1
  • SM-J327T, SM-G530T, SM-G360T, SM-J510FN, SM-G900F, SM-G900A, SM-G900I
  • SM-G900K, SM-G900L, SM-G900T, SM-G900T1, SM-G900M, SM-G900MD, SM-G900AZ
  • SM-G900FD, SM-G900FQ, SM-G900W8, SM-G870A, SM-G870W, SM-G800H, SM-G800HQ
  • SM-G9006V, SM-G9008V, SM-G901F, SM-G3502C, SM-G3502I, SM-G3502L, SM-G3502T
  • SM-G3508J, SM-G530A, SM-G530AZ, SM-G530BT, SM-G530H, SM-G3815, SM-T215
  • SM-G730A, SM-G730W8, SM-G386T1, SM-G386T, SM-G386W, SM-G850A, SM-G850W
  • SM-G3139D, SM-G357FZ, SM-G7508Q, SM-G530H, SM-G710, SM-G7105, SM-G7105L
  • SM-G7105H, SM-G7102, SM-G7102T, SM-G7106, SM-G7108, SM-G710K, SM-G710L
  • SM-G350L, SM-G350M, SM-G3586V, SM-G3588V, SGH-I747, SGH-I747M, SGH-I257M
  • SGH-I257, SGH-I337, SGH-I317M, SGH-I437, SGH-I437P, SGH-I437Z, SGH-I467
  • SGH-I467M, SGH-I547, SGH-I547C, SGH-I527. SGH-I527M. GT-I9305. GT-I9305T GT-I9305N. GT-I9300I
  • GT-I9301I. GT-I9301Q. GT-I9195. GT-I9195L. GT-I9195T. GT-I9190. GT-I9197.
  • GT-I9508. GT-I9152P. GT-I9515. GT-I9515L. GT-I9505. GT-I9505G. GT-I9506. GT-I9507. GT-I9508V
  • GT-I9295. GT-I8580. GT-I9128E. GT-I9158. GT-I9200. GT-I9208. GT-I8730.
  • GT-I8730T, SM-N7506V, SM-N7502, SM-N9005, SM-N9006, SM-N900A, SM-N900K, SM-N900L
  • SM-N900T, SM-N900W8, SM-N9002. SM-N9009. SM-N9008. SM-N9008S. SM-N9008V.
  • SM-N900S. SC-01F. SM-N9100. SM-N910A. SM-N910T
  • SM-N9108V. SM-N910T3. GT-N7105T. GT-N7105. GT-N5120. GT-N8020. SGH-T999L. SGH-T999V
  • SGH-T699. SGH-T779. SM-T217A. SM-T217T. SM-T315. SM-T325. SM-T331. SM-T335
  • SM-T337A. SM-T337T. SM-T525. SM-T531. SM-T535. SM-T537A
  • SGH-M919. SGH-M819N. SGH-M919N. SGH-S970G, SGH-T889
  • SGH-T889V. SM-P605L. SM-P605. SM-P605M. SM-P607T. SM-P905
  • SM-P905M.SM-P907A.SM-S780L.SM-C105.SM-S890L.SM-S975L
  • GT-S7275R. GT-S7275B. GT-S7275T. GT-S7275Y. SC-03E
  • SC-06D. SC-02F. SC-02E. SC-04E, SC-04F
  • SHV-E400S. SHV-E300L. SHV-E330K. SHV-E330L. SHV-E330S. SHV-E250S. SHV-E250K. SHV-E250L. SHV-E470S. SHV-E370K
Direct Unlock TMB - Metro PCS With Root
  • Samsung Galaxy On5 (SM-G550T/G550T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700T/J700T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T/G920T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925T/G925T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (SM-G928T/G928T1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-GN920T/N920T1)
Direct Unlock Qualcomm ATT & Cricket & Sprint [BETA]
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (SM-G891A)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N930T/)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U/U1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U/U1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active (SM-G892U/A)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950U/U1)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge (SM-J327P)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission (SM-J327VPP)
  • Samsung Galaxy J4 Core (SM-J410F/G)
  • Samsung Galaxy J6+ (SM-J610F/FN/G/GN)
  • Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018) (SM-J810F/FD/G/M/Y)
  • Samsung Galaxy A6+ (SM-A605F/FN/G,A6050,A6058)
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500F/FN/G/H/M)
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) (SM-J510F/FN/GN/FQ)

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