AQUA Dongle v2.2 A.I.O Module Update Released

Aqua Dongle All-In-One Module V2.2 Update ISP eMMc, MTK & Qualcomm
We are Glad to Present Aqua-Dongle New Addition

eMMc ISP Update
Free eMMc ISP Module Support in Aqua Dongle
Any Universal Adapter Will Work as long as Connected
You can Use Any Universal Adapter With Aqua Dongle
Aqua Dongle Show Adapter Info
These Points Should Work
  • Oppo eMMC ISP Repair.
  • VIVO eMMC ISP Repair.
  • XIAOMI eMMC ISP Repair.
  • Realme eMMC ISP Reapir.
More To Come
  • [Added] Support More Model and Brands OPPO Vivo MI Lenovo & More
  • Improved! Read Qualcomm Factory Firmware (.XML)
  • Improved! Write Qualcomm Factory Firmware (.XML)
  • Improved! Read Aqua Qualcomm Firmware (.XML)
GUI Update
GUI Update and Improved Now More Stable
  • [Added] Latest Version Check
  • [Added] Check registration
  • [Added] show Dongle Owner Details
Linked Manager Module in A.I.o
Now You can open Dongle Manager From Aqua Dongle Software
Just Single Click and Dongle Manager Will Be Opend

MTK Update
  • [Added] MTK List Partitions
  • [Added] MTK Custom Read Any Single Partition
  • [Added] MTK Custom Write Any Single Partition
  • [Added] MTK Custom Wipe Any Single Partition
  • [Added] Scatter Editor Tool (Load/Edit/Save) New and Exclusive Feature
  • [Added] MTK Factory Reset Safe Mode (Device Will Reset itSelf)
  • Usefull Method without any Risk Like (Factory Data Reset From Device Setting)
  • [Added] MTK Factory Reset Auto Mode Without Hang on Logo
  • Usefull For Those Phone tat was stuck on logo after Factory Reset
  • [Added] MTK Backup Firmware as We Called (Read Scatter, Factory File or DUMP)*Beta
Flash Besic/Signed Scatter Firmware Used World-Wide and By Several Specific Vendors
Select Correct Model in Settings and Signed FW
Structure identification Wile Read Firmware
Support More Different Types
Readed Firmware Save in C:\AquaDongle\backup
  • Improved! Safe Flashing for UNSIGNED Firmwares
  • [Added] MTK Backup/Restore Nvram
  • [Added] MTK Reboot to Factory Mode
  • [Added] MTK Reboot To Meta Mode
  • [Added] MTK Reboot to Meta Mode Forced
  • [Added] MTK Reboot to Fastboot Mode
  • [Added] MTK Backup GPT
  • [Added] Check Meta Mode Existing Devices Connection Option
    • Support LEGACY Line
    • Support RAPHAEL Line
  • Fixed! MTK IMEI Repair 2,3,4 in Meta Mode
  • Repair Security Rebuild, Support More Types And Legacy Device's
  • BugFix! : Some Minor Changes And Bugfixes
Qualcomm Update
  • [Added] More Loader for Qualcomm
  • [Added] Read / Write Firmware More Stable & Fast
  • Improved! Read Pattern Lock (Android 6.0 Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
  • Improved! Reset Locks (PIN,Password,Pattern w/o Data Loss, Encrypted & Non Encrypted Devices)
Reset Mi Account Will Work As Usual
(If your phone is stuck on Logo, try reboot, or flash your phone.)

AQUA Dongle Read Firmware (Scatter) Done

AQUA Dongle Read Meta More Complete Information
we have 3 to 4 type Solution

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