AQUA Dongle v2.6 A.I.O Module Update Released

Aqua-Dongle All-in-One Module V2.6 SPD Module Enable & Xiaomi Qualcomm Update
We Are Glad To Announce The Start Of SPD Module

AQUA Dongle More Features More Power
  • Fast Speed !!! Hard Work !!! Fast Work !!! Fast Updates
  • No Need Credits
  • No Need Activation
  • No Need Extra Pack
  • No Need Every Time Internet
eMMc ISP Active
MTK Active
SPD Active !!! NEW HOT
Qcom Active
Sam Active
Huawei Active
Oppo Active
Vivo Active
MI [Xiaomi] Active
Sony Active

Activated SPRD Module :
Daig Mode Supported CPU
  • List is Here
    • SC6820
    • SC6825
    • SC7715
    • SC7730A
    • SC7731C
    • SC7731G
    • SC7731E
    • SC8810
    • SC8825
    • SC8830
    • SC8830A
    • SC8831G
    • SC9830
    • SC9830A
    • SC9832A
    • SC9832E
    • SC9850
    • SC9860
    • SC9863
    • SC9863A
If Any CPU Not Work Then Report Us With Log & Screen Shot
We Try To Add Support

We Tested Some SPD Unisoc CPU in Daig Mod
Activated Diag Mode Option [ Connection Type >> DiagMode ]
  • >>It Dose Not Require Select Manul BootLoader or (Headche)
    • [Added] SPRD Daig Mode Protocol & Update
    • [Added] Tab Mode To Diag
    • [Added] Device Information -HardWare CPU Information Modem Information
  • >>Build Information, Security Information, SOC Information
    • [Added] Safe Format FS / Factory Reset settings (Not touch FRP) WIPE Data/Cache
    • [Added] DiagMode Switch To and Old Both Protocol Activated
    • [Added] Enable Diag in New Spd Devices
    • [Added] Enable Diag in old Spd Devices
    • [Added] Imei Repair/Read in Diag Mode
    • [Added] Imei1,Imei2,Imei3,Imei4 Safe Repair
SPRD Flash Tab
  • AQUA SPD Falsher Like Factory Flasher
    • [Added] SPRD SOC Write pac File
    • [Added] Write Factory Pac File
    • [Added] Auto Extract Full Pac File
    • [Added] Customized Flashing
    • [Added] Skip Partitions
    • [Added] Reparation Option
    • [Added] 2 Modes (Auto/manual)
Models Tested
  • QMobile LT200 Read Info /Write Factory Pac File / Enable Diag/ Safe Imei Repair
  • QMobile I6 Metal Read Info /Write Factory Pac File / Enable Diag/ Safe Imei Repair
  • Lava IRIS 51 Read Info /Write Factory Pac File / Enable Diag/ Safe Imei Repair
Xiaomi Module Update
  • [Update] Support for UFS Memory Devices
  • [Update] Xiaomi Mi Account Reset
  • [Update] Xiaomi Mi Account Relock Fix
  • [Update] Xiaomi Factory Reset in sideload
  • [Update] Enable/Disable ScreenLocks for Xiaomi - BETA
1.Please Exclude Folder Path of "AQUA Dongle"
2.Make Dongle Manager Folder in C:\AquaDongle
3.Please Use AQUA Dongle Manager For Latest News and Download Setup

Much More To Come...
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