Chimera Tool v31.91.1340 Update Released

⭐️  27/04/2022 Xiaomi (MTK) Patch IMEI : MIUI 13 Support and other Improvements ⭐️

Software Version : 31.91.1340
Release Date : 27 April 2022

Now the Patch IMEI Procedure Works on MIUI 13 for all MTK SoCs.

Pre-Root is Not Required
It's not required anymore to pre-root your phone with Magisk to make the procedure work. But we kept the "Disable boot patching" option on the panel, so you can still use it for pre-rooted phones.

Known Issues
According to our research the IMEI patch is removed after a factory reset. In a worst case it can cause the phone to unable to boot up and shows the "NV data is corrupted" error on the screen. In case of this error you must reflash the phone with a suitable firmware and the error will be gone. After that you can re-run the Patch IMEI procedure to re-establish the patching.

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