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DT Pro Tool Description and Features

What is DTPRO? (Description and Features)

Is for one unique computer, is based license system!!
No need conection a internet, no need buy credits, All operations and features are FREE!!

Our Software is currently multi-brand, we constantly update each of our modules providing the most requested services to our users

All modules and updates are tested before release, our methods can work on other models and brands .. based on this we launched our Module #eMMC-Software

Our Module eMMC-Software was released 1year ago and Support all xiaomi with emmc chipsted with suppprt for: (via bypass auth/brute force) Note7 Note7s Note6pro Mi8lite MiMax3 Note5 Redmi6pro and anothers models, anothers tool you had that pay credits or auth (for 10usd or more) for make this devices, DTPRO you always get free - and World first!!

We have exclusive imei repair in DualSIM equipment with SMD710 & SMD712 processors in brands like Xiaomi, giving you a real solution without servers or Credits, we have tested on the following devices of the Xiaomi brand: Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, Xiaomi 9 Lite

Huawei Qualcomm!! Imeirepair in another tools need server or auth, if server is down impossible repair... DTPRO make repair imei standalone without auth or internet based solution, Repair of Bootloader, Unlock Bootloader, rebrand, S-OFF, Write complete firmware raw file format, Downgrade Writing Factory firmware, Xlaoder, BoardSoftware, Frp erase via Testpoint, and EDL Forced Mode are supported

Frp erase supported without Internet, Without Credits, Only edl Mode and you Make Operation. IMEI repair is supported standalone

We have Exclusive for Japan Models support
HWV31 HWV32 & Others, You do not need credits and we can write the security of these devices. Possible operations: FRPerase, Downgrade, rebrand, Write Factory Firms: Xloader, BoardSoftware, Update.APP, Write PCB Inof, Wipe / Format Chipsets in Unlocked Devices

Brands as ZTE, ASUS, MOTOROLA, ALCATEL, VIVO, OPPO, HTC, and others are supported.
Features Supported :
FRP erase, IMEIrepair, EFS reset, Write Xml files Are Supported
Not all operations are Supported on some Models

For this Motive is for one unique Computer,
If you want to make remote services, please to use USBredirector or FlexiHub. No need to install in computer of Customer

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