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QCN Collection

Whether we use our Android device or not, damage can happen to our Android at any time. One of the most common problems users experience is losing IMEI and baseband. To prevent this from happening I have a tutorial so that the files that store our HP information can be backed up, the file is called QCN, have you ever heard of it?

What is QCN
QCN or Qualcomm Calibration Network is a file that contains information about the IMEI number, Mac Address, baseband, Bluetooth, Serial number, and so on. So this file is very important, so it is highly recommended to backup first using a tool called QFIL.

What is QFIL
QFIL or Qualcomm Flash Image Loader tool which functions as a basic Flash firmware on smartphones and tablets that use Qualcomm chipsets. In addition, this tool has other useful functions such as backing up QCN files.

Materials For QCN Backup
How to Backup QCN
  1. First, enable USB Debugging in Developer Options.
  2. Open the Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder in C:\Program Files or in C:\Program Files (86). Then click py_cmd.exe
  3. After that, connect your Android to your PC with a USB cable. Once connected, type adb devices, then type adb shell then type su. Now check on your Android friend whether there is a request for permission from SuperSU, if there is click allow.
  4. Make sure there is a hash mark then type setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb. Later in the device manager, the Qualcom HS-USB Android DIAG 901D Ports diag port will appear.
  5. Open Start menu – All Programs – Qualcomm – Qpst Config
  6. Click Start Clients – Software Download – Backup
  7. On the xQCN file, click Browse, then navigate to the location where we will save our hh qcn file, for example to Local Disk D
  8. Give a name to "File name" and in "Save as type" change it to .qcn (purpose for easy editing)
  9. Click Start then wait for the process to finish
To restore QCN, select the Restore menu in the downloaded software. In the xQCN file, navigate to the location where we saved the QCN file that we backed up, then check (√) on “Allow phone/ESN file mismatch” then click Start.

How? very easy not to backup and restore QCN with this QFIL tool. I hope the article that I have presented above can be useful.

QCN Collection