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We lead the market in chipset sales for Smartphone, Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices (VAD), Android tablets, feature phones, and optical disc products. We build chips that are less about connecting people to their devices and more about connecting your devices to what matters. Connecting to the things that shape our lives, makes us smarter, healthier and improve everyday life.

At MediaTek, our technology is built with humans in mind to enhance and enrich life. We believe technology has to be great  and great technology should be accessible to everyone. MediaTek wants to make the world a more inclusive place, where smart and connected is an equal opportunity. That’s why MediaTek works with the brands you love and gives our partners and their customers feature rich, premium technology at affordable mass-market prices. We power possibility for the world’s billions of people to explore their true potential – their Everyday Genius.

You may not know it, but our chips and technology are already likely part of your everyday life. You will find us in 20 percent of homes globally and nearly 1 of every 3 mobile phones is powered by MediaTek. This Chip Changes Everything

Core Businesses
Mobile, Home and Automotive

MediaTek’s core businesses include Mobile, Home and Automotive. We ensure our chipsets share core technologies across these platforms – so every market segment benefits from a single piece of our intellectual property. MediaTek is known for advances in multimedia, AI and expertise delivering the most power possible – when and where needed. Plus our chipsets are optimized to run cool and super power-efficient to extend battery life. Always a perfect balance of high performance, power-efficiency, and connectivity.

MediaTek has unparalleled expertise and technology solutions across brands and global consumer markets. We believe technology changes lives. A changed life can change the world. And it all starts with a chip. Discover the difference MediaTek can make. This chip changes everything

Discover the difference that MediaTek Helio can make.

From faster processing speeds to extended battery life to more responsive performance and sharper, more colorful photographs and videos. A new category of devices is driving features and consumer expectations forward with advancements in power, performance, AI, and connectivity. Consumers are looking for the New Premium, devices that push against the edges of what a smartphone can be and do.

MediaTek brings the new premium to life, pulling high-end features into mid-tier devices so everyone has access to great technology. MediaTek powers a vast amount of the world’s feature phones and smartphones to give everyone equal access to information to make life better. Say hello to MediaTek Helio and find out how our chips change everything when it comes to mobile.

MediaTek’s core expertise is multimedia – after all "media" is part of our name.

The latest in home entertainment and smart homes requires vivid, Ultra-HD HDR images, incredible sound quality, and reliable connectivity. MediaTek makes it possible to get the content you want, in the highest quality formats, quickly and affordably.

We are the global market leader in Home Entertainment products, including Digital and Smart TV, optical and Blu-ray players, routers and the newest Voice Assistant Devices (VAD).

MediaTek also excels in the personal IoT space with a series of wearable chipsets, including the latest Biosensor module and technologies like Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT). Find out more about how MediaTek and our chipsets change the way you can do more, watch more, share more and connect more in or out of your home.

Experience a new kind of car-ma with MediaTek technology.

Automated driving is the next frontier for MediaTek. Autus, our suite of automotive solutions and automated driving products use cutting-edge technologies like mmWave, machine learning, and advanced visual processing solutions (V-ADAS).

Technologies like sensors, near- and long-range connectivity solutions, and multiple, powerful applications processors are quickly becoming as prominent in automobiles as engine and aerodynamics technologies.

MediaTek’s 20-year history of developing powerful, efficient and adaptable Systems-in-Package (SiP) for mobile and other technology markets have us poised to power the future of driving. Experience a new kind of “car-ma” and see how our chips change everything for you on the road and in the car.

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