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EMT Dongle Support

EMT Dongle Support

Key Features

Partition File Manager
You can safely manage partition files via PFM, Supported the Export, Rename, Erase, Replace, Delete files of EXT4 partition file system.
For Reset Screenlock w/o data loss, Account lock, Privacy lock, Application lock, browse and backup userdata etc.

Read/Erase/Write Partition
High-speed & stable management each partition:
Read: Backup the target partiton to local disk
Erase: Erase & format target partiton
Write: Write file to specified partition (used to flash / unlock etc)

Disable Screenlock
Support unlock screenlock w/o data loss for Android Encrypted & Unencrypted device.

Most Android 6.0 devices enabled FDE encryption default, traditional unlock screenlock w/o data loss schemes unsupported encryption devices.

Enable Screenlock
You can restored device to original status via enable screenlock if you phone already disabled screenlock.
Disable/Enable Screenlock Operation Process:
Disable Screenlock > Backup userdata via adb > Enable Screenlock > Factory Reset > Import userdata via adb.

Read Userdata
Read userdata from device directly, including System data (Contacts/SMS/Calls), Media files (Photo/Video/Music), Third-party app data (Wechat/QQ etc)

Browse Userdata
Through the Userdata browser, you can easily browse/search System data (Contacts/SMS/Calls), Media files (Photo/Vide/Music), Third-party app data (Wechat/QQ etc)

Read Screenlocks
The soft auto identifies the type, length, combination of screenlock, supports accelerated calculation of gpu, and cooperates with the unique algorithm, which greatly reduces the operation time.
Supported Type: Pattern, PIN, Password
Supported OS: Android 6.0 before version

Backup/Reset/Restore Screenlocks
If you facing the complex password or unsupport android version, you can quickly solve the problem via reset screenlocks function.
Reset Screenlocks Operation Process:
Backup Screenlocks > Reset Screenlocks > Restore Screenlocks

Factory Reset
Reset your devices to its factory default settings. This will erase all data, including files and downloaded apps.

Read Information
Every important information and device status can be read directly from the phone, for example: the brand, model, factory code, software version, android version, hardware information, etc.
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