Smart Phone Multiport Download Tool

Smart Phone Multiport Download Tool is an official flash app released by MediaTek Inc. The latest SPMDT v3.1828 update is compatible with more MediaTek devices to flash the scatter based firmware, format bootloader and offers more other facilities. Flash MediaTek Android smartphones need to download SP MDT Tool. Malfunctioned MediaTek Androids such as the boot loop influenced, the app crashed or errored with software related issues are successfully repaired. Download SP MDT Tool all versions including the available on this official download page.

Repair MediaTek Android devices from multiple software issues need flashing the stock firmware. Expand the features density of an Android can acquire with a simple custom ROM replacement but you have to find the most suitable firmware file to install. Download Multi Port Download tool offers to format the bootloader and do more. Read the instructions carefully and engage in the flash. This is a venture at processing because one single incorrect firmware selection causes bricking devices.

What is SP Multi Port Download Tool?
SP MDT Tool is an official application which is light weighted. The latest updated flash tool included exactly 34.3 MBs and an internet connection is required only for download SP MDT and the scatter based stock/custom firmware. The app interface is simple but displays more details considering each task. Once downloaded the flash tool, then all you need to perform is clicking on the scatter file button, locate the correct firmware and commence the flash. Setting the flash speed selecting from two options likewise "Full Speed" or "High Speed" that added to the DA download all section is an added advantage. Use the Full Speed option to a complete flash addressing the entire smartphone while performing a faster flash with the High-Speed option.

Note:  You can flash MediaTek chipset installed mobile with or without the battery but choose the option from the SPMDT interface.

Download SP MDT Tool All Versions

Use the official instructions only to flash MediaTek Android smartphones. Otherwise, the device will be bricked due to incompatible engagements. Download SP MDT tool latest version is the best way to flash MTK chipset installed Androids.

SP MDT Flash Tool Interface Ribbon
While considering the SPMDT UI it shows five main tabs that "File, Option, Debug Login, Identity and Help". Each tab included more settings that can improve the device response rate.

File: This tab included five more options. Open Download Agent File, Scatter and Load Settings, Open Authentication File, Open Certification File, and Open Memory Verification List Excel File are being added. Check and verify the device compatibility takes a reasonable place from the SP MDT file options. It opens an Excel file which included more details about compatible devices database.

Option: Another four facilities are categorized into the options menu. Base Band Chip, External Clock, DA Checksum, and Settings can handle in the section. Enable/disable facilities or change the value of the device clock speed are important.

Debug Logging: Activate/deactivate six main settings are added to the location along with the "Clear All Logs" feature. Enable BROM_DLL Login, Enable META_Dll Login, Enable EBOOT_DLL Login and clear them all are the functions of the debug logging option. Available to choose clear each option individually and clear all at once are added advantages.

Identity: Switch to the Engineering Mode and the Operator Mode are the main selections of this SPMDT home menu tab. Change the login password is activated.

Help: Get help to use the flash tool and configure devices are the mainly focused options in the Help tab. Open Device Manager, Open Log Folder, Generate ErrReportZip and About (to find legal information about the tool) are the mainly appeared in the section.

SP Multiport Download Tool Characteristics
The MediaTek Inc officially released the SPMDT tool to flash MTK Androids. Some special requirements are needed to complete the mechanism. First, find and download the better compatible scatter based firmware that most suitable with your device build number. Do not continue with incompatible scatter file it leads to brick devices. The latest update of the USB driver software is essential. If unable to update device drivers, download and install Android CDC or VCOM universal driver packages. If you try to flash without removing the battery, make sure that it has a minimum of 20% or 30% of battery level. In the process, it needs MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file and this is located in the extracted SP MDT tool folder.

Keep in mind:  Flash stock/custom firmware with SP MDT Tool definitely eliminates the device storage. Take a complete backup of important files and data.

What are the Special Features?
The Smart Phone Multiport Download Tool is inbuilt with multiple options that are unable to catch on other flash tools. In the SPMDT UI, it allows changing the flash type, Baud rate, DA download options and Polling settings external to the scatter file flashing. Start all BootROM+PreLoader COM actions at once or stop all processes when needed are additional options but can use any time.

Type: The flash type is selected in this drop-down menu. Check the right side of the interface to find the location. There are four main options that control flash activities. Format and Download All, Firmware Upgrade, Format All and Format Bootloader are added. Keep in mind to select the correct option before commencing the flash.

Baud Rate: Frequently, the Baud rate represents the data transferring rate per second. As an example, If selects the Baud rate to 921600, it transfers 921600 bits per second. You have four speeds to select. The lower speeds take a long time comparing to the higher rates. Download SP MDT tool is the best option to flash MediaTek Androids faster or completely refresh devices with lower Baud rates.

DA Download All: Select the speed level of the scatter firmware flash included in this section. Tick the Full Speed checkbox to flash devices in the regular speed replacing files or select the High-Speed option to flash at a higher speed. The MTK chipset installed Androids can flash with/without the battery but select the option from the UI. If you not sure the battery status, the tool facilitates to select the "Auto Detect" option.

Auto Polling: The polling in an electronic device represents the communication of each device. Normally it performs checking of other programs or devices by the controlling program or the device. Activate the option sends messages to other connected devices and/or programs asking each whether has it something to communicate or it drops the facility when deselected.

Change Log
SPMDT v3.1828 :
Added MT8127 add BIWIN 27UCG8T3ETR NAND.
Fixed MT8395 scatter file download issue.
MT6582 emergency download error fixed.
Enhanced compatibility with MT6572.

SPMDT v3.1752 :
MT6595 without battery not supporting error fixed.
Mounted Hynix mic NAND support.
MT8127 combo MLC NAND added.
Fixed Sandisk FWID issue.

SPMDT v3.1616 :
MT6592 low power tuning has added.
Updated the latest EMI INIT codes for MT6595.
MT8127 combo MLC NAND updated.
Enhanced download stability of MT6595

SPMDT v3.1548 :
MT8127 MLC NAND bug fixed.
Fixed tz.img checksum error.
Support POP LPDDR2 in MT8382 MediaTek chipsets.
Updated and enhanced SECRO unlocked rework flow.

Download SP MDT Tool offers more features than any other flash application. The official MediaTek app developers updated SPMDT v3.1828 and this is the latest and the recommended version. Delete NVRAM backup data, remove OTP lock or format OTP are additional facilities of SP MDT. Previously released SP Flash Tool is replaced and the compatible devices list has upgraded. A Windows PC is the only operating system that can download SP MDT Tool successfully but you can use a virtual machine program which uses Windows for the installation. The MediaTek developers are credited for the creation and free distribution.