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Reetrax - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Please refrain yourself from commenting BEFORE reading everything written bellow. What you need to need to know is most likely already explained.

1. What is Reetrax?
Reetrax is a set of mobile and laptop hardware solutions, which includes the latest schematic and PCB layout diagrams. It can detect faulty circuits, component voltages and resistances, and many more. For a budget-friendly program that's updated frequently, Reetrax also offers a quick and fast iPhone e-learnings for those who aspire to become a better technician. (For a better visual explanation, you may watch our videos here: Reetrax's Promotional Videos)

2. Who is Griffin Team, the developer behind Reetrax?
Griffin Team was established in 2006. We mainly focus on mobile repairing tools and software developments. Our goal is to provide the best and most efficient repairing tools for technicians all around the world. As we continue to improve our research and development skills, we always keep our eyes on what the global markets need. Our team is full of zestful, ambitious, and creative people who work under the belief of "never stop moving forward, but remain practical and innovative". Our main product, Reetrax, plays an important role in the mobile and laptop hardware industry, and its popularity is increasing by each passing day.

3. How to get Reetrax, and how much does it cost?
Please leave us a message on one of our official contact services: Reetrax - Official Contact Services
You can also get it from our distributors: List of Reetrax's Verified Distributors
We set a price for 35 USD, but your distributor can sell it for higher as it may include an additional transaction fee.

4. How many series and types are available?
Please check here: List of Reetrax's Models

5. What are the best features of Reetrax?
  • Easy to use even for beginners.
  • Lower price compared to other similar products.
  • Lifetime access and support for one-time purchase.
  • It doesn’t require a dongle. Everything is online-based.
  • Frequent updates (once every few days).
  • Responsive customer service (might be slow during the weekends and holidays).

6. After buying Reetrax, how to install it?
We'll give you a download link and activation code. The installation process should be very straightforward, but we'll assist you further shall you face a problem.

7. Can Reetrax's account be shared?
No. You can install Reetrax on unlimited computers and laptops, but only ONE user can be logged in per session.
Feel free to ask more things.

Support Reetrax

Reetrax's Features:
  • Lines Tracking
  • Components of the Resistance Values
  • Problem Solution Auto Tracking
  • Schematic PLUS
  • New Concept Viewer (New Tab for Tracking Schematics and PCB Layout Diagrams)
  • First in the World; iPhone E-Learning (A Throughout Guide and Explanation)