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UCT Corvinuz

Why Choose a Course at UCT Corvinuz?

Competitive Costs
With a course fee of 3,000,000 or 2000RM (Malaysian Participants) participants get full training materials for Hardware and Software, guided directly, Also participants join a support group where trainers make updates for rare files or new service type tricks

Guarantee Yes
You invest a fee of 3,000,000 or 2000RM (Malaysian Participant) to upgrade your business skills. UCT guides the practice from basic to advanced level, directly practice by case, if during the training period it is still unclear. damage cases can be discussed in the group or sent to headquarters

Group Support Always Update
Trainers update the material if a new type of smartphone comes out or a new type of service trick trick can only be accessed by alumni. UCT alumni can conduct question and answer discussions with fellow members in the UCT alumni group. Also file service files that are still new or prices are still high, UCT is trying to update with the latest smartphones

Alumni Spread In Indonesia & Malaysia
UCT Corvinuz Team began to exist in the 2013 period until now. Its alumni are spread throughout Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. Several stages of the training have repeated up to three or four waves. Solid alumni under the UCT Corvinuz support group

Offline or Online Course Options
Prospective participants who are interested can attend training courses that are held in certain cities which are held regularly or can do online training without having to leave their place of work. The rights that both online and offline participants get as alumni are equal

Strong Gathering of Alumni
At UCT Corvinuz, every alumni is a brother, all tied up in brotherhood in their profession and in the path of seeking the same sustenance. Friendship remains strong regardless of status and level, brotherhood takes precedence over competition

Software Training Materials
The training starts from how to use software repair and flashing software as well as software from service tools such as dongles and flasher boxes. The material starts from flashing, how to read write eMMC, repair cellphones, flash various CPUs and chipsets

Hardware Training Materials
Hardware training of participants is introduced to service tools, use of service tools, use of soldering and hotair stations, tips and tricks for changing ic, tips for changing eMMC, Trouble Shooting, training participants are guided directly by the trainer by studying directly on the case

Gallery Alumni UCT Corvinuz

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UCT Unbrick Corvinuz Team

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