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You must have heard the words firmware, or software, or software. It is true that the following things are very familiar on an Android device. And some of those things have important and different roles, which help the operation of our android devices. So what is the difference between firmware and software/software? what is firmware? what is software? we can explain it for those of you who want to understand more and care more about your Smartphone device. Read the differences between firmware and software below.

Firmware is programmed software that is placed in the hardware of a device to control the device and its core functions. For example, Firmware on a Smartphone phone allows the hardware to properly communicate with the Android operating system and perform user requests. Firmware is embedded in the device as it is essential for the device to run and removing it can cause serious damage to the device.

Meanwhile, Software refers to high-level programs that provide overall control for a device or application. For example, the Software is used for interactions and activities such as typing, word processing, editing videos, playing games and music or making video calls. Software is stored in memory and can be easily accessed, upgraded, replaced or even removed from the device.