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SP Meta Tool is a small application that allows you to perform multiple tasks on your Mediatek FeaturePhone, Smartphone and Tablets. Here, on this page you will find the latest version of SP Meta Tool along with the previous releases. 


Installer Application
SP Meta Tool comes as a installer file, which means you need to install it first on your computer then only you will be able to use it properly. 

Flash IMEI
It allows you to flash IMEI or repair IMEI on any Mediatek smartphone and tablets. During the flashing process you will be asked for database files which came along with the stock firmware. 

Restore IMEI
It allows you to backup IMEI from any Mediatek smartphone and tablets. You can restore the backup IMEI very easily using the same method. 

Repair NVRAM
It allows you to flash or repair the NVRAM of your Mediatek Featurephone, Smartphone and tablets. 
Supports Mediatek 
It only supports Mediatek featurephone, smartphone and tablets. It will not work on devices having chipsets other than Mediatek.