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Singleport Download Tools Download

Singleport Download Tool Download



* This tools can flash the BIN files or IMG image to device and easy to operate,

Just open the tools and click the LOD FILE PATH and browse the firmware BIN image.
Connect the device to PC port USB with battery while holding volume up and install the drivers
you can download driver HERE and download RDA smartphone driver V1.1
After install driver check the device manager of your PC if there a device port is installed.
You can see below the figure of  Tools is detected the device

The browse Tab indicate your Firmware.bin image file and the big square is get start flash the firmware.
The flashing process will take up more than 3 minutes depending the speed of your PC.
When the flashing finish you will see prompt success message on screen.
Note: all user files and data calibration will erase after flash the device, Be sure you have correct firmware bin file exactly is for your model otherwise your phone become brick.

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