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Dear Distributors & Resellers - Regards Shipping Your Orders

Dear Resellers & Distributors
Due to the out break of Corona Virus within China & other countries and the awkward situations with shipping and laws in your country and customs...
We now offer you shipping from Multiple Countries
  1. If your Zone area is within Asia & and need we ship from HK or China to you also but if need to our next destinations also we can arrange this.
  2. Our New Hub is based in United Arab Emirates , Dubai , so cards and dongles can be shipped from there.
  3. Our New Hub From Jordan , Middle East we can ship Only Cards to you.
Each Zone has a feature of Shipping, please note boxes can only be shipped from China ATM, if need from Dubai then you need to preorder in advance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this info and looking forward to here from you soon.

Kind Regards