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Download Firehose Qualcomm Snapdragon
The file below I have made into one file in the form of rar files so you can more easily download it.

Firehose is a program file that can be used for Flashing, Backup ROM, Remove FRP/Bypass FRP, Reset Password, Pattern lock and many more. Here are some collections of All Smartphone Firehose that you can download for free here.

Firehose can only be used on Qualcoom-based Android or with Qualcomm Chipset only, Firehose has the same function as DA (Download Agent) and Mediatek Chipset. So on android with this Qualcomm Chipset in order to read eMMC, the device must be in EDL (Emergency Download) 9008 Mode. Also download Qualcomm USB Driver

Firehose Collection