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What is YGDP Tool?
YGDP tool is popular for flashing ROM, but it can do more than that. You’re probably here because you’re looking for this utility and rightfully so because below we’ll provide links to Download YGDP Tool. So the YGDP tool can do a number of things beyond flashing ROMs. With this tool you can: 
  1. Flash Stock ROM : of course is the most popular use of this tool. So here you’ll find this particularly useful if you’ve bricked your device. YGDP tool works with CPB format and can be installed and used with ease. 
  2. Install PreResource Image Files : You can use the YGDP Tool to install the PreResource image on your smartphone or another Android device. Those are recovery files bearing .img file extension. You can also flash boot.img, system.img and userdata.img. 
  3. Device Configuration : YGDP tool allows you to view device information such as eMMc back-up, device name, and others. 
YGDP Tool is an application that is often used to create an integration between or create a bridge connection between a user's android device and a PC. It is also an application even though referred to as a tool, that allows the user to flash the firmware and new component features on android devices. YGDP Flash utility is most renowned as an incredibly potent tool that can be in service to all android devices and the users can properly use this tool when their device USB driver has been installed in the PC. Here we are sharing a complete guide on how to download, install and use the latest YGDP flash tool.

YGDP Tool Overview
YGDP Flash Tool is an integration application that is used to create a connection between a user's android device and a pc. On top of this integration, users can easily flash custom android stock ROM, pre-resource files such as custom recovery files, configure device controls and many more.
The main function of YGDP flash can be described as where it is a platform of sorts where its features are designed to cater to users who look to recover their otherwise bricked devices, returning devices to Stock ROMs from custom ROMs many other related phenomenons. This tool is also considered as the default tool for android devices with firmware that has .cpb extensions and looking to flash or recover the referred firmware files with the said extension.


Features of YGDP Tool Discovered
Flash Pre-resource Files
This is one of the main features offered by the tool that gives the user the ability to flash pre-resource or img files on android devices. And to flash a pre-resourcing file simply open the tool and go to configurations and then find the "please select PreResource file" menu and locate the img file that needs the flashing and click to begin the flashing process.

Flashing Stock Firmware
The main feature of this tool allows the user mainly to flash custom ROMs through installing custom recoveries in addition to flashing custom firmware on any android device model it is installed on and this is only done on CPB format files. Also to be able to use this feature, users are simply required to download the latest version of the YGDP Tool and install it on their devices. In addition, after launching the tool application, when asked a password, users are advised to enter "369 or 9527".
After loading the CPB firmware on the YGDP utility and connecting device to PC, and after the firmware is fully loaded, start the firmware flashing process.

Configuration Controlling
This feature of the tool reads and checks an android device's codes like the device name, device fuse information, eMMC CID and instrument information but this feature is only available solely for devices built with the Qualcomm chipset. In addition to this, these instrument checks are important when it comes to device configuration and repairing.

Prerequisites For Downloading the YGDP Flash Tool
  • The android device must be rooted along with an unlocked bootloader otherwise there's a chance for unnecessary errors to occur.
  • Back up all device data before any download or installation process and keep a backup of the device's user personal data as well because the tool will most certainly erase all contemporary device data.
  • Allow download and installation from external sources from device settings otherwise, the device will block any process and as this tool cannot be found in any online stores such as the PlayStore, it is advised to download the ZIP and extract that and install it through the provided "exe".
  • Download and install the device compatible Android USB drivers priorly so there won't be any problems during the integration between the PC and the device.
Compatibility Overview
YGDP tool is compatible with all Windows version releases and runs without any troublesome runtime issues. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. All android versions are supported but it is neither supported on MAC nor Linux systems.
When the device has .cpb file extensions for flashing any custom ROM or recovery, the YGDP tool is the default software for CPB files. Different Stock firmware along with some other file extensions cannot be flashed with this tool. If the user does this, it will conceivably break the device, therefore, it is highly advised to avoid that.