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Integrated Circuit Compatibility

Understanding IC (Integrated Circuit) and It's Application - Integrated Circuit or abbreviated as IC is an Active Electronic Component consisting of a combination of hundreds, thousands and even millions of Transistors, Diodes, Resistors and Capacitors which are integrated into an Electronic Circuit in a small package. The main material that forms an Integrated Circuit (IC) is the Semiconductor Material. Silicon is the most commonly used semiconductor material in Integrated Circuit Fabrication Technology (IC). In Indonesian, Integrated Circuit or IC is often translated as Integrated Circuit.

A Brief History of IC (Integrated Circuit)
Integrated Circuit Technology (IC) was first introduced in 1958 by Jack Kilby who worked for Texas Instruments, half a year later Robert Noyce succeeded in fabricating ICs by interconnecting systems on a Silicon Chip. Integrated Circuit (IC) is one of the most significant technological developments in the 20th century.
Before the invention of IC, Electronic equipment at that time generally used Vacuum Tubes as the main component which was then replaced by transistors which had smaller sizes. But to assemble a complex and complex electronic circuit, requires a large number of transistor components so that the size of the resulting electronic device is also large and less suitable for portable travel.

IC (Integrated Circuit) technology enables an Electronic Circuit designer to make a smaller, lighter Electronic device at a more affordable price. The power consumption of an IC is also lower than that of a transistor. Therefore, IC (Integrated Circuit) has become the Main component in almost all Electronic equipment that we use today.
Without the IC (Integrated Circuit) technology, we may not be able to enjoy Portable Electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, Tablet PCs, Portable game consoles, digital cameras and small electronic devices that can be taken anywhere.

Below is a picture of IC (Integrated Circuit) and the Symbols :

Application and Function of IC (Integrated Circuit)
Based on the Application and Function, IC (Integrated Circuit) can be divided into Linear IC, Digital IC and also a combination of the two.

Linear IC
Linear IC or also called Analog IC is IC which generally functions as :
  • Power Amplifier
  • Signal Amplifier
  • Operational Amplifiers (Op Amp)
  • Microwave Signal Amplifier
  • RF and IF Amplifiers
  • Voltage Comparator
  • Multiplier
  • Radio Frequency Receiver (Radio Receiver)
  • Voltage Regulator
Digital IC
Digital IC is basically a switching circuit whose Input and Output voltages only have 2 (two) levels, namely "High" and "Low" or in binary code denoted by "1" and "0".
Digital ICs generally function as :
  • Flip-flop
  • Logic Gates
  • Timer
  • Counter
  • Multiplexers
  • Calculator
  • Memory
  • Clock
  • Microprocessor
  • Microcontroller
It is important to remember that IC (Integrated circuit) is an Active Electronic Component that is sensitive to the influence of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). So, special handling is needed to prevent damage to the IC.

Here we will discuss the suitability of various types of IC (integrated circuit) in cellphone repair