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DT Pro Tool News :
Driver Support :
DT Manager Pro Update Setup :;
DTI Huawei Pro Update Setup :
DT Smart Pro Module Update :
DT NV Reconstructor Update Setup :
Xtool Software Setup Download
DTPRO 2.0 FTP Sever Files
ALL Huawei and Android Products :
  • Can be used without Extra Activation,
  • Setting configuration and Activation of entirely for DTPRO it’s easy,
  • New Security - Unlocking Bootloader Feature, When using bruteforce the progress will be saved at 10minutes or 10 codes depending on which one comes first, so there is no risk if Device is reseted, only losing 10minutes at maximum,
  • Important informations are displayed on Our Software,
  • Protocols present on DTPRO permits adding more features without the need of Special Softwares, just plug it in the USB port and its ready - example
  • Connect Qualcomm Devices via EDL mode & Select private or Factory loader that you want to test quick actions and Enjoy,
  • Multi layer software: got applications which run on DTPRO system, and Our DTRO system work with differents Modules, for not to use Generic protocols
  • DTPROGRAMMER you boot into recovery mode and downgrade from there, recovering your devices with DTPRO in just a few minutes,
  • As mush as possible Using standard cables, for phones/phablets we used MicroUSB/TypeC standard cable, for android phone and for connecting Devices to computer we used standard usb cables. All of them are normal cables and extremely easy replaceable
Xiaomi Qualcomm eMMC Chipset :
  • Module Can be used without Extra Activation,
  • No Credits, No Server, No Auth, just plug it in the USB port and its ready - Example: Xiaomi Redmi Note7, Mi 8 Lite, Mi A3 - All Features Supported
  • IMEI repair via DIAG Mode Supported for Hot & New 2019 Models
  • EMUI 11 Supported
  • Auth Bootloader files in Support