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DT Qualcomm eMMC Software v1.0.0.50503 PRO [RSA/HWID]

DT QUALCOMM -eMMC Software V1.0.0.50503 PRO [RSA/HWID]
Meizu & Xiaomi Update Is Out (World First included)

Dear Customers,

Thanks for your patient wait for our eMMC Software Update!
It come out right now,the best and the fast tool !! It will help you unlock the Xiaomi/Huawei on the Devices with eMMC Chipset inside in seconds, in munites!
with New hot Features for engineering Models (ENG FIRMWARE INSTALLED) Motorola Oppo VIVO etc... Qualcomm in General

Hope you will enjoy it!
WORLD FIRST Note10 Note8 and More....

Recognizing method updated for all Xiaomi, if compatible HASH ID will apply brute force for your Operation !! (Brute force)
  • Xiaomi eXpert eXplorer (will to show important data for efs reset/security/imei_erase)
  • Enable Diag > Qualcomm port funtion added
  • Security >GET IMPORTANT INFO Updated Etoken 04 supported IMEI repair
  • Security >Format Important Data for All Xiaomi in ENG Mode (Note10, Note8, Note7 & Hot New Qualcomm Models) Supported
  • Qualcomm >QCN Read Updated - select Diag port and press QR button
  • Qualcomm >QCN Write Improved
Meizu Qualcomm -eMMC Supported
  • IMEI repair,FRP erase,Write firmware,read QCN,write QCN
tested Models (Direct Service -No Server)
  • Meizu Note8
  • Meizu X8
test report >About SingleSIM phones with RSA
  • Note7, Note7S (Colombia India Peru Ecuador) Single SIM (1imei) Now Supported for IMEI repair EMUI 10> EMUI 11
  • SMD660g Supported for EFS via party Tool
  • Redmi Go Tiare added to supported list Models
Custom restore files (remove mi account files)
  • Note6PRO, Mi 8lite

DT Qualcomm eMMC Software v1.0.0.50503 PRO [RSA/HWID]
DT Qualcomm eMMC Software v1.0.0.50503 PRO [RSA/HWID]
DT Qualcomm eMMC Software v1.0.0.50503 PRO [RSA/HWID]

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