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Djawir Key SuperPack

DJAWIR KEY ™ support for Flashing Type Blackberry, Nokia X Series, Asus and MTK Smartphones. Makes it easy for our android flashing work.

Download the complete Support Files, As long as this is consistent and communicative updates with users of the latest Smartphone Support Files needs.

ADB And Fastboot
  • Android FRP Tool, Auto Mode (ADB/Fastboot) *NEW*
  • Xiaomi Fastboot Flashing
ASUS Flash Engine Upgraded
  • Asus Package RAW Decompressor (test) *NEW*
  • Asus New Superpack (decompress is much more effective, faster and lighter,*NEW*
  • Mi Cloud rework v2 - Support all Mi Devices (Qualcomm eMMC / UFS). No longer select the type of Mi device, enough file programmers are supported * NEW *
  • FRP all Qualcomm devices with the file programmer supported * NEW *
Qualcomm Flashing Improved
  • New implementation, flashing style [stepping] UFS per LUN # and eMMC in the process of each partition (Faster) * NEW *
  • FW Read Qualcomm with supported programmers (eMMC and UFS) * NEW *
  • Custom Read / Write / Erase Partitions * NEW *
* convert disk image to Qualcomm factory format: userarea image file with EFI marker *
- If the detected file is a disk image file, djawirKey will automatically convert to flash-able factory format file (creating rawprogram0.xml and its files)

Qualcomm advance Repair base on official tools
(need QPST instaled on computer)
  • Qualcomm NV Read/Write *NEW*
  • Qualcomm IMEI restore *NEW*
  • Qualcomm NVM reset *NEW*
UFS Supported
  • Qualcomm UFS provisioning (Hynix, Toshiba, Samsung)
‼️ MTK Function Under Construction ‼️