Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) Setup Dongle

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Br, Ultimate Multi Tool

Support Download

UMTv2 MTK v2.2
UMTv2 MTK v2.3
UMTv2 MTK v2.4
UMTv2 MTK v2.5
UMTv2 MTK v2.6
UMTv2 MTK v2.7
UMTv2 MTK v2.8
UMTv2 MTK v2.9
UMTv2 MTK v3.0
UMTv2 MTK v3.1
UMTv2 MTK v3.2
UMTv2 MTK v3.3
UMTv2 MTK v3.4
UMTv2 MTK v3.5
UMTv2 MTK v3.6
UMTv2 MTK v3.7
UMTv2 MTK v3.8
UMTv2 MTK v3.9
UMTv2 MTK v4.0
UMTv2 MTK v4.1
UMTv2 MTK v4.2
UMTv2 MTK v4.3
UMTv2 MTK v4.4
UMTv2 MTK v4.5
UMTv2 MTK v4.6
UMTv2 MTK v4.7
UMTv2 MTK v4.8
UMTv2 MTK v4.9
UMTv2 MTK v5.0
UMTv2 MTK v5.1

Ultimate MTK v0.1
Ultimate MTK v0.2
UMTv2 QcFire v4.3
UMTv2 QcFire v4.7
UMTv2 QcFire v4.8
UMTv2 QcFire v4.9
UMTv2 QcFire v4.9.1
UMTv2 QcFire v5.0a
UMTv2 QcFire v5.1
UMTv2 QcFire v5.2
UMTv2 QcFire v5.3
UMTv2 QcFire v5.4
UMTv2 QcFire v5.5
UMTv2 QcFire v5.6
UMTv2 QcFire v5.7
UMTv2 QcFire v5.8
UMTv2 QcFire v5.9
UMTv2 QcFire v6.0
UMTv2 QcFire v6.1
UMTv2 QcFire v6.2
UMTv2 QcFire v6.3
UMTv2 QcFire v6.4f
UMTv2 QcFire v6.4
UMTv2 QcFire v6.5
UMTv2 QcFire v6.6
UMTv2 QcFire v6.7
UMTv2 QcFire v6.8
UMTv2 QcFire v6.9
UMTv2 QcFire v7.0
UMTv2 QcFire v7.1
UMTv2 QcFire v7.2
UMTv2 QcFire v7.3
UMTv2 QcFire v7.4
UMTv2 QcFire v7.5
UMTv2 QcFire v7.6
UMTv2 QcFire v7.7
UMTv2 QcFire v7.8
UMTv2 QcFire v7.9
UMTv2 QcFire v8.0
UMTv2 QcFire v8.1
UMTv2 QcFire v8.2
UMTv2 QcFire v8.3
UMTv2 QcFire v8.4
UMTv2 QcFire v8.5
Ultimate FRP v0.4
Ultimate FRP v0.5 beta
Ultimate FRP v0.5
Ultimate FRP v0.5
Ultimate FRP v0.5.1

UMTv2 eMMC v0.1
UMTv2 eMMC v0.2
UMTv2 eMMC v0.3
UMTv2 eMMC v0.4

Ultimate Sams v0.1
Ultimate Sams v0.2
Ultimate Sams v0.3
Ultimate Sams v0.4

Ultimate LG v0.5

UMTv2 SPRD v0.1
UMTv2 SPRD v0.2

UMT Huawei



HST (HuaweiServiceTool)
UMTv2 HST v0.1 Alpha
UMTv2 HST v0.1
UMTv2 HST v0.2

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