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What is Pragmafix
Pragmafix is ​​a private mentor project for cellular telephone technicians, both for those of you who are already in the profession as a cellphone technician or who are just starting to learn to become a cellphone technician, meeting our needs in learning cellular telephone technicians and assisting in our daily work as telephone technicians. mobile, pragmafix is ​​an all in one solution to help everyone can work as a mobile phone technician better.

In our Pragmafix Software, there are several features and menus that you can use, namely :
  1. Mobilephone schematics database, which can be accessed directly using our software, so students do not need to search, googling or download anywhere, we have made this easier, especially for our learning needs.
  2. Laptop schematics database, which can be accessed directly using our software, so students do not need to search, googling or download anywhere, we have made this easier, especially for our learning needs.
  3. Mentoring books are books / modules handbooks for students in learning, will be inputted gradually up to thousands of pages, colleagues can read them from now on, currently there are around 600 pages of books, keep reading so that later you will not be overwhelmed when it reaches thousands of pages.
  4. Mentoring VIdeo, is a medium for us to meet in class even though online, given the pandemic period this is certainly the best choice for learning, we have compiled the material and curriculum using the SKKNI421 standard of 2014, with the expansion of material for the latest cellphones, we are LPK where in organizing this online training activity he also wants to follow the direction of Law no, 13 of 2003 concerning manpower, article 10 and article 18, so that when we issue a training certificate for pragmafix owners who have taken the final LPK exam, the certificate will also be listed each competency unit code, issued by our LPK and signed by MENTOR which already has a BNSP competency certificate with a license for the code code unit SKKNI 421 of 2014.
  5. Bookkeeping software, this is an online-based ERP system, let's organize our outlets, our micro, small and medium businesses together better, with more organized accounting and management, serving customers more professionally.
  6. Bitmap, interactive path, is a menu that we will provide later, because we want every user to take the time to learn, basically this feature will help colleagues to be faster in analyzing and finding paths, but we don't want colleagues colleagues do not understand what and how to do analysis, find measuring points, analysis patterns, work systems and tracking the circuit on the device for any damage encountered, we hope colleagues can take the time to complete our book and video training first.
All of these things we provide for everyone who already has a Pragmafix account without exception, let's continue to walk with us, hopefully this will be the start of a good relationship to help each other and build between us cell phone technicians

How to get a Pragmafix account? Fellow colleagues can download the software and look for a reseller to get an activation code, after that setup the downloaded software and register, enter your email, enter the password you want and enter the activation code from our reseller, then click register, all done, please login with your own email and password earlier.

Pragmafix is ​​server-based software that PROVIDES training and guides for those of you who want to learn to be cellphone technicians, cellphone technicians, for those of you who are just about to learn cellphone service or for those of you who have become cellphone technicians and want to deepen their knowledge and expertise. This is a revolutionary online learning product or cellphone technician course born by Micromedia HPTC who has almost 20 years of experience teaching and printing cellphone technicians in Indonesia and in other countries through cellphone technician training activities held face-to-face (offline) for this. Due to the condition of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is deemed necessary to organize training activities that follow the applicable standards in Indonesia with the expertise approach to repair the latest cases the results of our continuous research. Pragmafix will continue to provide you with thousands of pages of cellphone repair manual in several languages, Indonesian, English, Persian, and Hindi, if there is a request, other languages ​​will be added according to the language in your country. Pragmafix will help your work and analysis precisely with access to thousands of schematics of layout drawing paths and repair guides, manufacturer data sheets, such as those listed on the SKKNI for the expertise of mobile technicians, because Pragmafix is ​​also a Business Entity providing private engineering education it is deemed necessary to follow Law No. 13 of 2003 regarding how training must be held according to the applicable standards, namely SKKNI. Pragmafix gives you access to take part in private cellphone technician training videos, so that you have a personal mentor and will teach you how to do cell phone repair in a total of 200 hours of lessons that will be given gradually in this Pragmafix software. Pragmafix also provides you with software for outlet management and accountng, we hope that this will help every outlet to develop properly and be able to provide professional services to customers. Pragmafix in providing servers, research, online training videos, our books, management software costs, all of our services only cost Rp. 950,000 ( Indonesia ) or 70 USD ( outside Indonesia ). To be able to join as a Pragmafix user, you only need to download and install our software on your PC, and then do the registration yourself easily, enter the email you want to register ( it will be your username) enter the password whatever do you want, then enter the token ( tokens can be obtained at all pragmafix resellers, you can contact us on the contact page to get reseller information) that easy.

Pragmafix brings all in one solution hardware repair for mobilephone technician :
  • We give online training / course - more than two hundred hour of study
  • We give books and guidance - more than thousand pages of mobile phone repairing books
  • We help to provide acces of schematics and layout database
  • We give interactive guidance and path to do troubleshoot
  • We give software server based to do outlet management and accounting
Pragmafix international is a company that engaged in  the business of creating, collecting databases, resource management, training, and providing and publishing integrated software. server-based which is intended as a place for publication of books, newspapers, advertisements, bulletin, journals, other electronic forms of information published on the internet, as a form of comprehensive private technical education activities in the field of mobilephone repairing.

Our company is legally established and has an official permit from the indonesian government, as software developer, mobilephone training center, books publisher, media publisher, electronics shop, and online based shop.

This company was founded by Yongky Felaz as the owner and founder of Micromedia hptc, whose activities are in the field of cellular phone repair since 2000, he is a technician practitioner at Micromedia as well as a lecturer at home and abroad for the expertise of cellular telephone technicians since 2003, with almost a number of micromedia alumni. 3000 people, training for cellphone technicians at Micromedia every month there is a new class / class, if you are interested in participating in face-to-face training activities, please register with our admin, Santi +6282230160000 or Dinda +6281234111848, training is held on Jl. Bunga Clove no.5b Malang City, Jawatimur intensively in theory and practice for 1 full month at a very affordable cost, includes lodging, includes various books, includes practical materials, official certificates and all other facilities, learning repair for android devices various brands and platforms also for repairing apple devices, becoming an android and iphone cellphone technician is very easy, guided directly by a very experienced team.

Yongky Felaz is the author of various books for cellular telephone technicians, experienced in various training activities, be it independent, private financing, funding by city, district, provincial and ministerial service budgets. Pragmafix itself was only established in September 2020 to answer the challenges during the Covid 19 pandemic, this is a revolutionary step in the field of training / education / HP technician courses, Pragmafix is ​​in the form of a CV business entity with AHU permission from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as a software company, as an online database manager, as a technical education provider private sector, as a provider of cellular telephone repair services, as a publisher of books, magazines, videos and various other digital multimedia.

Yongky Felaz compiled all the teaching materials and materials himself, compiled all curricula with nearly 20 years of experience teaching thousands of mobile technicians, both for offline training at micromedia cellphone technician training institutions as well as online training via videos and books on pragmafix, because he wanted to keep up with the applicable standards in this country and therefore in issuing the LPK certificate we can include the competency unit code that has been properly taught, besides the knowledge can be useful, a certificate of proof of having attended SKKNI-based education can also be achieved by all Pragmafix users who have taken the exam later.

Yongky Felaz cares about this, because he is one of the people who cares about the profession of cellphone technicians and the recognition of the competence of private technicians from this country, he is also currently trusted as one of the drafting team of RSKKNI for the cellphone industry together with a team from the industry. coordinated by the Ministry of Industry. When this article was written, he served as Director of the (LSP) Professional Certification Institute specifically for cell phone technicians, He is also the Founder and Commissioner of STTSI Sarana Indonesian cellular telephone technicians and from that journey and experience, he remains confident that with this expertise he can become solutions to open employment opportunities for many people in Indonesia or in the world.

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