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Pragmafix Update 26 May 2021 Hardware Solution

Pragmafix Update ! 26 May 2021

26 May 2021 Update Hardware Solution
Whats New :
  • ✅ Pcb or Bitmap file content for XIAOMI Mi 10 Pro Sub Board
  • ✅ Interactive Path a.k.a Hardware repair Solution up to 27 Problem Category for OPPO A51
  • ✅ Mobilephone Schematics and Layout / service manual / other utilities for :
    • XIAOMI Mi 11 ( Venus )
    • TECNO BC2c
    • TECNO BC3
    • TECNO BD2
    • TECNO C5
    • TECNO C5S
    • TECNO C7-H355
    • TECNO C8-H352
    • TECNO C9-H535
    • TECNO CA6-H3721
    • TECNO CA7-H633

Pragmafix Download Setup :

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