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Pragmafix Schematics v7.1.2 Build 98 Update Released

What is Pragmafix ?

Pragmafix is ​​server based software that PROVIDES training and guides for those of you who want to learn to be mobilephone technicians and for those mobilephone technicians that want to deepen their knowledge and expertise. This is a revolutionary online learning product or mobilephone technician course born by Micromedia HPTC who has almost 21 years of experience teaching mobilephone technicians in Indonesia and in other countries through cellphone technician training activities held face-to-face (offline) for this.

Due to the condition of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is deemed necessary to organize training activities that follow the applicable standards in Indonesia and other countries with the expertise approach to repair the latest cases the results of our continuous research. Pragmafix will continue to provide you with thousands of pages of mobilephone and laptop repair manual in several languages, Indonesian, English, Persian, and Hindi, if there is a request, other languages ​​will be added according to the language in your country. Pragmafix also gives you access to take part in private mobilephone and laptop technician training videos, so that you have a personal mentor and will teach you how to do mobilephone and laptop repair in a hundred hours of lessons that will be given gradually in this Pragmafix software, Pragmafix software will also help technician daily works, we provide :

• Mobilephone schematics and layout connected eachother ( dual view )
• Mobilephone bitmap pcb ways interactive explorer connected to schematics ( dual view )
• Mobilephone hardware solution interactive up to 27 problem category
• Laptop bitmap pcb ways interactive explorer connected to schematics( dual view )
• Laptop / macbooks / all in one pc / desktop schematics
• Datasheet chipset / ic / other components
• Mobilephone technician online course mentoring books ( in 4 languages )

• Laptop technician online coursse mentoring books ( in 4 languages )
• Mobilephone technician online course mentoring video ( in 3 languages )

Update Information :
  1. Newest Bitmap Viewer Engine
    • memory optimize - multi layer bitmap supported
    • spider line - dual view schematics search improved
  2. Newest Circuit Tracking Engine
    • show serial - show pararel - show all line multi color
    • fontation and unicode bugs solved
  3. Newest Protocol of Server
    • auto track best connection based on ip , connected to
    • three ( 3 ) server on dusseldorf - seatle - singapore
  4. Dual Monitor - Application
    • open dual main exe in one computer for dual screen
    • dual sub exe pma with simple shell
  5. Pragmafix Multi Analyzer
    • pma device supported - connected trough bluetooth
  6. Gui Changed and Improved
    • ultra fast access folder tree - speed download
    • simple navigation on the left panel

Download :

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