Pragmafix Setup v5.1.1.26 Update Released

Pragmafix is ​​server-based software that PROVIDES training and guides for those of you who want to learn to be cellphone technicians, cellphone technicians, for those of you who are just about to learn cellphone service or for those of you who have become cellphone technicians and want to deepen their knowledge and expertise. This is a revolutionary online learning product or cellphone technician course born by Micromedia HPTC who has almost 20 years of experience teaching and printing cellphone technicians in Indonesia and in other countries through cellphone technician training activities held face-to-face (offline) for this. Due to the condition of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is deemed necessary to organize training activities that follow the applicable standards in Indonesia with the expertise approach to repair the latest cases the results of our continuous research. Pragmafix will continue to provide you with thousands of pages of cellphone repair manual in several languages, Indonesian, English, Persian, and Hindi, if there is a request, other languages ​​will be added according to the language in your country. Pragmafix will help your work and analysis precisely with access to thousands of schematics of layout drawing paths and repair guides, manufacturer data sheets, such as those listed on the SKKNI for the expertise of mobile technicians, because Pragmafix is ​​also a Business Entity providing private engineering education it is deemed necessary to follow Law No. 13 of 2003 regarding how training must be held according to the applicable standards, namely SKKNI. Pragmafix gives you access to take part in private cellphone technician training videos, so that you have a personal mentor and will teach you how to do cell phone repair in a total of 200 hours of lessons that will be given gradually in this Pragmafix software. Pragmafix also provides you with software for outlet management and accountng, we hope that this will help every outlet to develop properly and be able to provide professional services to customers. Pragmafix in providing servers, research, online training videos, our books, management software costs, all of our services only cost Rp. 950,000 ( Indonesia ) or 70 USD ( outside Indonesia ). To be able to join as a Pragmafix user, you only need to download and install our software on your PC, and then do the registration yourself easily, enter the email you want to register ( it will be your username) enter the password whatever do you want, then enter the token ( tokens can be obtained at all pragmafix resellers, you can contact us on the contact page to get reseller information) that easy.

Pragmafix brings all in one solution hardware repair for mobilephone technician :
  • We give online training / course - more than two hundred hour of study
  • We give books and guidance - more than thousand pages of mobile phone repairing books
  • We help to provide acces of schematics and layout database
  • We give interactive guidance and path to do troubleshoot
  • We give software server based to do outlet management and accounting
Pragmafix international is a company that engaged in  the business of creating, collecting databases, resource management, training, and providing and publishing integrated software. server-based which is intended as a place for publication of books, newspapers, advertisements, bulletin, journals, other electronic forms of information published on the internet, as a form of comprehensive private technical education activities in the field of mobilephone repairing.

Our company is legally established and has an official permit from the indonesian government, as software developer, mobilephone training center, books publisher, media publisher, electronics shop, and online based shop.

Pragmafix V5.1.126 Beta version for User that wanna try Beta, Download Here !!
if you wanna test / try to use our pragmafix v5 beta, please download SETUP from our website here :
final version of Pragmafix v5 will be update automatically to your exe after couple days revcieve any report of bugs ( if existing )
you always be able to install Previous Pragmafix v4.16 and use it without any problem

Whats New :
  • New Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) Eliminate all problem based on Highest and non default scale and option ( Display Resolution )
  • New Bitmap and Boardview Single Engine, for all PCB maker Platform CAD, PCB, BRD, PADS, BDV, FZ, BV, etc..... with all new function
  • Reworks Bitmap file and will be shown Component name in Bitmap picture, Dioda Value, Bitmap text informartion, highlitght related component ( easier to find blinking pads )
  • New Option of Folder tree in the left window
  • Can open bitmap or boardview file from local
  • Maximize and Minimize on demand, Now addaptive for internal video player for mentoring video
  • Added New Database 300 Models including 50 Mobilephone Bitmap in this November Finishing 1700 Pages of New Books of Laptop repair, please read it brother
Some content in the folder tree if failed to open, no need to worry just need to wait for couple hour, server still sync progress with new exe and gui
Thank you

Pragmafix Setup v5.1.1.26 Update Released