DT Manager Pro v1.0.0.50503 Released

DT MANAGER PRO Tool WhosYourDaddy Edition +New Design V1.0.0.50503 released (2018-2020) DTPRO Team

Added IMEI repair via NV for the following Alcatel (Qualcomm CPU based devices):
  • 950 9001D 9001I 9001X I800 I806 J730U J736L VF-895N VFD-900
  • J738M J929L M812 M823F OT-5042 OT-5048 OT-7055 OT-8000 OT-7043 OT-7044
  • OT-5050 OT-5051 OT-5054 S838M S850L T500L VF-1400 OT-5056 OT-5057 OT-5065
  • OT-5098 OT-6015 OT-6016 OT-6034 OT-6035 OT-6036 OT-7048 OT-7050
  • OT-6039 OT-6045 OT-6050 OT-6055 OT-9007 OT-9030 S830U OT-6070 OT-7030
Added New Bootloader Unlocking Files for the following Xiaomi (Qualcomm CPU based devices):
  • Xiaomi Note6 PRO
  • Xiaomi REMDI Note6 PRO
  • Xiaomi Note5A
  • Xiaomi Mi 8Lite
Added P30Lite Factory Files to Support (Hisilicon CPU Based Devices):
  • MAR-LX1M
  • MAR-LX2M
  • MAR-LX1J
  • MAR-AL00
  • MAR-LX3
  • MAR-L03
  • MAR-L23
  • MAR-LX21A
  • MAR-L21A

DT Manager Pro v1.0.0.50503 Released
DT Manager Pro v1.0.0.50503 Released

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