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DT Qualcomm eMMC Software v2. Update Released

DT Pro QUALCOMM Software V2. > New Xiaomi Models Added for DualSim IMEIrepair -World First
DTQCOMM -eMMC Software V2.

Today- We bring solution for Xiaomi IMEIrepair DualSIM in Xiaomi SDM665 [Nicobar]
  • Mi A3 [laurel_sprout]
  • Redmi Note 8 [Ginkgo]
  • Redmi Note 8T [Willow]
Security Tipe 1 - Is direct after reset EFS!!
Security Tipe 3 - you Need HW Modification or NVrecalculation

Steps for Change DualSIM -after modify HW
  • Reset EFS
  • Write DualSIM IMEI
  • Write QCN

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