DT PRO Mediatek Module v3.0.0.2060 Update Released

MTK Module v3.0.0.2060 rev9 [AMAT] Hello Baby Xiaomi | Oppo | Huawei | We are back!! ⚡World First⚡

MTK Module v3.0.0.2060 rev9 Released.

What’s New :
  • Added
    • Oppo/Realme Meta Factory Reset Released the Following Methods.
      • Oppo/Relme Soft Reset|eMMC
      • Realme Soft Rease|eMMC|UFS
      • Oppo/Relme Soft Reset|New UFS
Note: 3 Method released for Factory Service - [Meta AUTH] for New Devices Supported..
    • Xiaomi Auth|Frp for MTK Android Models..
      • Note:Need to authorize phone .This service is instant take 10Seconds.
      • Note2:User use server & one more time get succesfully reply
      • Note3:After Auth Open DTService Select Scatter Boot and press Frp erase
    • Huawei Auth|Frp erase for MTK Android Models.
      • MT6761 (Mediatek Helio A22)
      • MT6765 (Mediatek Helio P35)
      • MT6768 (Mediatek Helio G80)
      • MT6873 (Mediatek Dimensity 800)
Note : Need to authorize phone .This service is instant take 10Seconds.
Note2 : User use server & one more time get succesfully reply
Note3 : After Auth Open DTService Select Scatter Boot and press Frp erase

DTService was released as party Tool - Addon Excluisve for Novice Customers.
•●Note:This will to erase Frp in the last Version Firmware....
    • Nokia HMD Smartphone Authorize phone and Frp Erase Supported.
      • Note : Select Scatter from firmware for Frp erase Funtion.....
    • Gui remodeled and improved
    • Meta Mode|Authorization 
      • Now Supported
    • Meta Mode -read Information
      • Old and New Boot Supported
    • Reboot to Meta Mode from
      • Brom authorized phones Supported
So, after the Authorization "Authorize phone" operation, you will to can Format|Read Info|Frp erase using DTService.

  • Oppo :
Oppo A73 5G|Oppo K7x|Oppo A92s|CPH1923 Oppo A1k|CPH1925 Oppo A1s|CPH1926 Oppo A1k|CPH2071 Oppo A11k|CPH2077 Oppo A12|CPH2083 Oppo A12|CPH2185 Oppo A15|CPH2179 Oppo A15|CPH2015 Oppo A31|CPH2029 Oppo A31|CPH2031 Oppo A31|CPH2073 Oppo A31|CPH2081 Oppo A31|Oppo F17 Pro|Oppo F17|Oppo Reno3 Pro|Oppo Reno3|Oppo Reno Z|Oppo Reno 4F|Oppo Reno 4 Lite|Oppo Reno 2Z1Oppo A93|CPH2001 F15|CPH1989 RENO 2F|CPH2021 A91|CPH1835 R15|CPH1969 F11 Pro|CPH1911 F11|CPH1913 F11|CPH1915 F11|CPH1969 F11 Pro|CPH1987 F11 Pro|CPH2039 F11 Pro|CPH2063 F11 Pro|CPH1823 F9|CPH1825 F9 Pro|CPH1881 F9|CPH1819 F7|CPH1811 F7|CPH1821 F7|CPH1938 A9|CPH1837 A3|PDBM00 Oppo A8|PCDM00 Oppo A7N|PCDT00 Oppo A7N|PCPM00 A91|PCPT00 A9|PACM00 R15|PACT00 R15|PADM00 A3|PADT00 A3|PCAM10 A9|PCAT10 Reno Lite|PCEM00 A9x|PCET00 A9x|PCPM00 A91|PCPT00 A91|Oppo A7X|CPH1723 F51CPH1727 F5|CPH1725 F5 Youth|CPH1729 A83|CPH1827 A83|Oppo A83 PRO|Oppo A73|Oppo A79|Oppo A1|CPH1909 Oppo A5s|CPH1910 Oppo A5s|CPH1912 OppoA5s|

  • Realme :
RMX1823 Realme 3|RMX1825 Realme 3|Realme Narzo 20|Realme Narzo 10A|Realme Narzo 10|Realme 6S|Realme C3i|RMX2040 Realme 6i|RMX2001 Realme 6|RMX2020 Realme C3|RMX3061 Realme C20|RMX3063 Realme C20|RMX2186 Realme C15|RMX2180 Realme C15|RMX2189 Realme C12|RMX2181 Realme C11|RMX2182 Realme C11|RMX2184 Realme C11|RMX2185 Realme C11|RMX2187 Realme C11|RMX1941 Realme C2|Realme X7 Pro|Realme X7|Realme Q2 Pro|Realme Q2|Realme Q2i|Realme V15 5G|Realme 7 5G RMX2111|Realme 7i|Realme V15 5G|Realme X7|Realme V3 5GRMX1945 Realme C2|RMX1827 Realme 3i|RMX1821 Realme 3|RMX1822 Realme 3|CPH1869 Realme 1|CPH1859 Realme 1 / F7 Youth|CPH1861 Realme 1|

  • Huawei :
FRL-L22 | FRL-L23 | DUA-LX9 | Y5p | DRA-LX9 | MED-LX9N | KOB2-L09 | MOA-AL00 | MOA-TL00 | MED-AL20 | MOA-AL20

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