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DT Pro Mediatek v4.0.0.000048 DRAM Update Released

Mediatek Module v4.0.0.00048 DRAM New Models Xiaomi and Oppo IMEI Repair Support... [UPD: Dec 01, 2022]

Whats New!
Now the Official Price is 36USD for All Users... and Remember DTPRO It is an Annual Product...
Now You Can Request Up to 10 Computer Changes (HardwareID) Per Year

Xiaomi Mediatek Update
  • IMEI Repair / Unlock Bootloader / Flash / Erase FRP / Mi Account Dissable / Factory Reset / Wipe Security / Patch Cert / Auth Bypass
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021​
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 SE ​
    • Xiaomi Resmi Note 11S​
    • Pocophone Poco M5s​
Note :
●  Repair IMEI (Dual SIM) Supported
●  You can Factory Reset without Losing IMEI's

Oppo Mediatek Update
  • IMEI Repair / Wipe Security / Flash / Erase FRP / Unlock Bootloader / Factory Reset / PM / Auth Bypass / Server Loader
    • Oppo A1K [CPH1923]​
    • Oppo A11 [PCHM10]​
    • Oppo A11 [PCHT10]​
    • Oppo A31 [CPH2015]​
    • Oppo A31 [CPH2073]​
    • Oppo A31 [CPH2081]​
    • Oppo A31 [CPH2029]​
    • Oppo A31 [CPH2031]​
    • Oppo A5s (AX5S) [CPH1909]​
    • Oppo A5s (AX5S) [CPH1920]​
    • Oppo A5s (AX5S) [CPH1912]​
    • Realme C2 [RMX1941]​
    • Realme C2 [RMX1943]​
    • Realme C2 [RMX1945]​
    • More Model Supported but Untested!
Note :
●  Repair IMEI (Dual SIM) Supported
●  You can factory reset without losing IMEI's

  • UI Improved​
    • Direct Bootloader > BROM > MT6765​
    • Improved Custom DA/Loader ● Tick Feature Option​
    • New DA / Loaders ● Tick Feature Option for Flashing [Use Server Option]​
    • Improved Bypass Security and Custom loader Option​
    • Use libusb0 filter driver instead of UsbDk by Default UsbDk will be used for Bypass Security.​

How to repair IMEI´s on
Oppo/Realme Supported Devices

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