DT Pro Qualcomm v4.0.0.00029 UFS Rev6 Update Released

DTpro Qualcomm Module v4.0.0.00029UFS rev6 Update | Huawei Nova 8i | Nova 9 | Honor 50 |  Oppo A53s Family and New VIVO FLASH ID
DT Pro Qualcomm Module V4.0.0.00029 UFS Rev6

Whats New?
Now the official price is 36USD for all users... and remember DTPRO It is an annual product...
Now you can request up to 10 computer changes (HardwareID) per year
  • Direct Frp Erase
  • PM Service [partition Manager]
  • Factory Reset
  • Huawei ID [persist Method]
The Following Huawei|Honor Models : NTN-L22, NTN-LX1, NTN-LX3 | NEN-L22, NEN-LX1, NEN-LX3 | NAM-AL00, NAM-LX9 | NTH-AN00, NTH-NX9
  • Honor 50 lite
  • Honor 50 [Beta]
  • Huawei Nova 9 [Beta]
  • Huawei Nova 8i
Qualcomm Loaders (check Folder)
  • Oppo A53s Family - A9 Undertest - A33 Undertest
Vivo Qualcomm Loaders (DataBase Update)
  • Select Model from list (New Format Method Coming Soon)