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DT Qualcomm eMMC Software v2. Update Released

DDTPRO Xiaomi Auth E-token [OFFLINE] QCOMM -eMMC Software V2. is Out!
DTQCOMM -eMMC Software V2.

What's New :
  • Xiaomi Auth e-token [OFFLINE]
  • error [2222] appointed for reply in case of loader structure NO compatible or different hardware ID.
  • Brand >AUTH for SDM439 loaders as redmi7a redmi8A redmi8
  • Xboot > Manual for Select custom loader
  • New Internal loader will be added coming soon
  • EDL Checksum for analize security of phone - and apply AUTH if your device need
  • New loader Structure Supported 100% Compatible with AUTH
  • Efs reset Updated for New Models and brands
  • Enable IMEI-Slot2 OK
  • Zte FTM Mode IMEI/QCN read/Write Support
  • eMMC Pro Updated
  • Xiaomi Xpert Xplorer is Compatible with SBL2 Security type
  • Backup Security Updated! Select partitions Manually
  • XML String Updated
  • Unlocking Bootloader party Tool Updated for SBL2 devices type [Note9, Note8pro, redmi9, redmi9A, redmi10X, redmi9 prime]
XIAOMI redmi 8 (Olive) Direct Frp erase Success! NO Need Credits or Server



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