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What is SamKEY TMO Edition

What is SamKEY TMO Edition ?

SamKEY TMO is Special Software for Unlock :
  • T-Mobile
  • MetroPCS
  • Verizon
  • Sprint operator locked phones !
Which do NOT ASKING FOR NETWORK UNLOCK CODE, and just say : Invalid SIM Card (APP UNLOCK)

Few Major Clarification :
  • Only USB cable is required for unlock operation
  • For S550TL you must have UART Cable
  • This solution makes Phone PERMANENTLY UNLOCKED
  • Phone will remains UNLOCKED even if you upgrade firmware
  • Software will be locked on one pc with fingerprint
  • You can change PC & Change fingerprint once in a week
  • USB Sharing is not supported (Remote Unlocking)
Register in SamKEY FORUM for more details!

Supported Models so Far
  • Exynos Phones (10 Credits)
    • SM-S337TL
    • SM-J327T (T-Mobile)
    • SM-J327T1 (MetroPCS)
    • SM-J727T (Galaxy J7 Prime T-Mobile)
    • SM-J727T1 (Galaxy J7 Prime MetroPCS) SM-S737TL
  • Qualcomm Phones (20 Credits)
    • SM-G950U (Galaxy S8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/...)
    • SM-G955U (Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/...)
    • SM-N950U (Galaxy Note8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/...)
    • SM-G892U (Galaxy S8 Active)
    • SM-G930T (Galaxy S7 T-Mobile)
    • SM-G935T (Galaxy S7 edge T-Mobile)
    • SM-G930T1 (Galaxy S7 MetroPCS)
    • SM-G935T1 (Galaxy S7 edge MetroPCS)
    • SM-G930P (Galaxy S7 Sprint)
    • SM-G935P (Galaxy S7 edge Sprint)
    • SM-G930V (Galaxy S7 Verizon)
    • SM-G935V (Galaxy S7 edge Verizon)
    • SM-N930T (Galaxy Note7 T-Mobile)
    • SM-N930T1 (Galaxy Note7 MetroPCS)
    • SM-N930V (Galaxy Note7 Verizon)
    • SM-N930P (Galaxy Note7 Sprint)
To get SamKEY TMO credits please contact our resellers from www.samkey.org

SamKey TMO Features :
  • Direct permanent unlock Samsung T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint and Verizion
  • Only USB cable is required for unlock, no ROOT, no Knox trip
  • Support unlock all Samsung T-Mobile phone model 2017, 2018:
    • Galaxy Note8
    • Galaxy S8 S8 Plus
    • Galaxy S7 S7 Edge
    • Galaxy J7 Prime,…
  • Phone’s WARRANTY, USER-DATA, MEMORY remains Untouched
  • Works instantly, fast.
  • Fully Independent server, working 24/7.
  • Supports Latest 2017, 2018 Firmware versions
  • Supports all Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1 and Android 8.0
  • Supports Latest 2017, 2018 security Patches.

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