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Easy Jtag eMMC Plus Released

Easy Jtag eMMC Plus Released

What News :
  • Fixed: bugs found thanks to your crash reports
  • Added: Show connected pins for a socket (check Emmc)
  • Added: Automatic search and write 8xxx_msimage and BootConfig (write by vendor)
  • Added: SmartReport for Sandisk
  • Added: Vendor Sony
  • Added: Automatic backup of TrimArea for Sony (read by vendor)
  • Added: Grouping of retrieved messages by sender (Explorer)
  • Added: Calendar Extract (Explorer)
  • Added: Checking the partition for FullDiskEncryption using data from the Boot (Explorer) partition
  • Added: Scan FullFlash for devices with UFS memory (Explorer)
  • Added: Convert EFS to Z3X-Samsung format (read by Samsung vendor)
  • Added: Ext4 formatting is completely rewritten (write by vendor)
  • Added: Reading files on reading errors Emmc (Explorer)
  • Added: Skipping existing files when saving (Explorer)
  • Added: Write protection for ROM 2/3

Easy Jtag eMMC Plus

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