UFST Version Update Released

UFST Version Update Released
v Release
More than 5200 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands is now on [Var] Tab.
Before Use of [MTK], [QC], [SPRD] Tabs, Always Check [Var] Tab for predefined
Models. In this way will be used Correct Loaders and settings for Secure Boot.
Note: Use of wrong Loaders can cause BLINK, BRICK or IMEI loose Issues!

Revised [ADB] Operations: More Info, Fixed Minor Bugs.
Revised MTK Protocol: Fixed Bugs on some Models Boot, More Secured DA Added.
[Preloader Boot] Option to bypass BROM Boot stage (Need for some Secured Models)
Revised QC Flashing: Now can select all necessary RawprogramN.xml using
[Add File] button, so not need to Flash few times new MultiDisk Models.
With [Add File] button can also select Firehose from Flash Pack (if need)

  • This Option will not pop-up Selection Form or Ask about Patch permission if
  • [Selective Flash] not ticked. Patch will done auto if PatchX.xml is found.
  • Files Selected with [Xml] button always will pop-up File Selection Form.
  • Added Oppo .OFP Files [Extract Img.] for QC Models, Use [Conver GPT] to make
  • Correct Rawprogram and Patch Files. With gpt_main2 choose Right CDT file from
  • Avalaible (Example: oppo16027.bin, Auto will be Select First from List)
  • Added LZ4 Compressed Files support (Samsung) (need lz4_183.dll)
  • Added ZSTD Compressed Files support (LG) (need libzstd_137.dll)
  • Added Search Function (Use Right Mouse Button or Ctrl+F on Focused Tab)
  • Search is not Case Sensitive and Looking for 1st Occurence in Models List.
  • [Find Next] Looking for Next Occurence until last and then from 1st.
  • For Search use up to 3 Words separated by Space or other delimiter (, * -)
Added / Modified Models (Is Delta against Previous Releaes):
  • 10.or: D, E, G
  • ADVAN: B5, G2 Plus, i45
  • ALLVIEW: Models Added.
  • ARCHOS: 101C Helium, 40 Power, 50 Diamond, 50 Platinum 4G, 50C Oxygen,
  • 50D Neon, 50F Helium Lite, 55 Diamond Plus, 55B Cobalt Lite, 59 Xenon,
  • 70 Helium, 70 Xenon, 70B Neon, 80 Oxygen, 97C Platinum, Access 55 3G,
  • Diamond S
  • ASUS: A009-V500KL (V Live), P028-Z301M (ZenPad 10 WiFi), X00RD-ZA550KL-GO,
  • X00RD-ZA551KL, X00T-ZB601KL/2KL (ZenFone Max Pro), Z01QD-ZS600KL (ROG Phone)
  • AVVIO: Models Added.
  • AZUMI: Models Added.
  • BLACKVIEW: A20 Pro, A30, BV5800, BV5800 Pro, BV6800 Pro, BV9500, BV9500 Pro,
  • BV9600 Pro
  • BLU: A030U, A230Q, A270a, D600, S0350WW, S0390WW, S0410UU, S0450WW, S4033
  • BQ: BQru-5009L, BQru-5522, Aquaris A4.5, Aquaris C, Aquaris M, Aquaris VS,
  • Aquaris VS Plus, *****
  • CAT: S50, S60
  • CHERRY: Flare A2 Lite, Flare J1 Lite, Flare J5S, Flare P3, Flare P3 Lite,
  • Flare P3+, Flare S5 Max, Flare S7, Flare S7 Deluxe, Flare S7 Lite, Omega Lite4
  • CLOUDFONE: Thrill Boost 2, Thrill Plus, Thrill Power N, Thrill View
  • COMIO: C1 Pro, FX596, FX598, X1, X1 Note
  • CONDOR: Models Added.
  • COOLPAD: 1851, 1861 Note 8, C588S, N3C
  • DEXP: AS160, AS260, B155, B160, B350, B450, BL250, BS450, P170, P180, T155, Z250
  • DOOGEE: BL5500 Lite, BL9000, S55, S55 Lite, S70, S70 Lite, S80, T5S, X50, X50L, X55
  • ECHO: Feeling, Flow, Holi, Horizon, Java, Moss, Prism, Push, Smart4G, Star,
  • Stellar4G, Wiz
  • ELEPHONE: A4 Pro, P8 3D, X15 Soldier
  • EVERCOSS: U50A, U50A Plus, U50C
  • FERO: A4501, A4502, Pace 2, V501
  • HAIER: A41, A6, Aire 3G, E13, G32, P10, P11, T51, T53P
  • HISENSE: C30 Lite, E7, E77, F10, F18, F22, F22M, F23, F24, L695, M20T, M30T,
  • U965 4G, U989
  • HOMTOM: S99, Zoji Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9
  • iDROID: Royal V7
  • INFINIX: X5514 Smart 2 Pro, X5515/X5515F/I Smart 2, X606/X606B/X606D Hot 6,
  • X608 Hot 6 Pro, X609 Smart 2 HD, X622 Hot S3X, X623 Hot 6X
  • INFOCUS: IF9007, IF9021, M330, M350
  • IRBIS: SP401, SP453, SP511, SP517, SP521, SP552, SP571
  • ITEL: A15, A22, A22 Pro, A31 Plus, A45, A62, IT1460, P31, P32, S13, S32 LTE, S33
  • IVOOMI: I1, I1s, I2, I2 Lite, Innelo1, Me1, Me2, Me3, Me3s, Me4, Me5, Z1
  • KARBON: K9 Music 4G, K9 Viraat 4G
  • LAVA: Iris 88 Go, Iris 88 Lite, R3, Z60G, Z60S, Z60T, Z61, Z61 2GB, Z91W
  • LEAGOO: Lead 1, 2, 2S, 3, 4, 5, 6, M9 Pro, M11, Power 2, S9, T8s, Z5 LTE-37
  • LENOVO: A5, A5s, K5 Note, K5 Play, K52a48, K5s, K9, K520 (S5), S5 Pro, Z5, Z5 Pro
  • LYF: F220B, F300B
  • MDC: Nova, Nova Pro, Optima, Optima S5734M
  • MEITU: 2, M6, M6S, M8, T8, V4
  • MEIZU: 15-M1881, 15 Lite-M1871, 16-M1882, 16 Pro-M1892, 16X-M1872, M8C-M1810,
  • Note 8-M1822
  • MICROMAX: Q4151, Q4204, V407, V409, YU5014 Ace
  • MOBICEL: Berry, Dandy, Fever, Pure+, Pure Mini, R1, R2, Switch, Zen
  • MOBIISTAR: C1, C1 Lite, C2, CQ, E Selfie, E1 Selfie, Prime X, X1 Dual, X1 Selfie,
  • XQ Dual, Zumbo J2, Zumbo S, Zumbo S Lite, Zumbo S2
  • MOTOROLA: XT1920-X, XT1921-X, XT1922-X, XT1924-X, XT1925-X, XT1926-X, XT1929-X,
  • XT1941-X, XT-1943-1, XT1944-X
  • Sahara Added for: AHannah, Aljeter, Chef, Deen, Evert, Messi, Montana, Nash,
  • Nora, Payton, Perry, Pettyl, RHannah, RJames, Robusta, Sanders
  • MOVIC: Models Added.
  • MYPHONE: Models Added.
  • NOKIA: 2.1, 3.1, 3.1 Plus, 5.1 Plus, 6.1, 6.1 Plus, 7.1, 8 Sirocco, X5, X6, X7
  • ONEPLUS: 6 Enchilada, 6T Fajita
  • OPPO: A1, A1t, A3, A7x, A31, A57, A59st, A59t, A71, A73t, A79, A79k, A79kt,
  • A79t, A83, A83t, A85, A85t, F3, F5, F7, F9, R9
  • OUKITEL: C9, K7, OK6000 Plus, U18
  • PANASONIC: Eluga i7, Eluga Ray 530, Eluga Ray 550, Eluga Ray 600, P85 Nxt
  • PHILIPS: E266W, Q858, S307, S310X, S329, S359, S369
  • POLAROID: Models Added.
  • PRESTIGIO: PMT5771, PMT5791, PMT7781, PSP5521, PSP5522, PSP5523, PSP5553
  • QIKU: N4, N4S, 8681 Q Luna Youth
  • QMOBILE: Noir X1S
  • SHARP: Aquos M1, Aquos S2 High, Aquos S3, Aquos S3 High, Aquos S3 Mini, Z3
  • SYMPHONY: G100, i75, i95, i120, V44, V70, V78, V85, V92, V135
  • TECNO: B1P, C9 Pro, C9S, CF7, CF7K, CF8, DP10A, F2, F2 LTE, F4, F4 Pro, F5, IA5,
  • ID3K, ID5A, ID5B, ID6, IN1, IN1 Pro, KA6, KA7O, LA7 Pro, N6, P904, R6S, R8O,
  • R8S, RA6, RA6S, S6S, SA1, SA6S, W3 Pro, WX3 LTE, WX4 Pro
  • ULEFONE: Armor5, Power5S, S1, X
  • UMIDIGI: A3, C1, One, One Pro, X3, Z2 Pro, Z2 SE, Zero
  • VERNEE: T3 Pro, V2 Pro
  • VERTEX: Impress Eagle 4G, Calypso, Pear
  • VIVO: 1606, 1805 NexS, 1806 NexA, V9 6GB, V11 Pro, X6+, X6A, X6D, Y75S, Y81,
  • Y81i, Y83, Y85, Y89, Y91, Y93, Y95, Z1
  • WE: Models Added.
  • WIKO: C200, C201 (Tommy3), C300 (View Lite), K200 (Sunny3 Plus), K300 (Jerry3),
  • K400 (Lenny5), K600 (Tommy3), P130 (View Go), P200 (View Max), V3921 (Robby2)
  • XBO: Models Added.
  • XIAOMI: Mi 6X Wayne, Mi 8 Lite Platina, Mi A2 Jasmine, Mi A2 Lite Daisy,
  • Mi Max3 Nitrogen, Mi Mix3 Perseus, Mi Pad4 Clover, Redmi Note5 Pro Whyred,
  • Redmi Note6 Pro Tulip
  • XOLO: Era 1X Pro, Era 2X
  • ZOPO: Color E1, Flash X1, Flash X1i, Flash X2, Flash X2i, Flash X3
  • ZTE: BV0730, N9560

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