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Infinity-Box CM2MTK v1.40

Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.40 - New Repair and Test features

MTK SP Platform

- New Features supported:
MTK Android: "HW Test"
Allow Check/Verify phone FlashIc (eMMC), test DRAM memory
Support eMMC:
eMMC Read/Write Test (eMMC ReadOnly verify)
DRAM Memory test: Data Bus, Address Bus, Pattern and Increment tests
Misc HW Test: Battery test (presense, type, level)
[Info]: eMMC test IS COMPLETELY SAFE - it not damage/erase/destroy Android or UserData!
Support NAND:
DRAM Memory test: Data Bus Address Bus, Pattern and Increment tests
Misc HW Test: Battery test (presense, type level)

- Factory Firmware Reading improved
Brand-specific improvements (HTC x64 and Oppo)
Some other improvements and bugfixes

- SmartAV engine improved
Data accuracy level improved
InternalDB updated and revised
Some other changes and improvements
APP Scanner improved

- Other
FlashLoaders updated and revised
"Preloader Init" feature improved
FlashID database updated
FlashInit DB updated, new FlashIC types supported
"CRC Errors" should be fixed. Again.
Separate "FRP Reset" option enabled in "Format FS"
Some improvements and bugfixes at all

MTK FP Platform

- Factory Firmware Reading improved
New types supported
FW reader engine revised

- UserData operations improved
Improved "User Code" read

- Other
Flash Read/Write revised
Some other bugfixes

Infinity-Box CM2MTK v1.40


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