Infinity-Box CM2RKT v2.01 Released

Infinity-Box Chinese Miracle-2 RKT/RockChip v2.01 - Factory IMG Flashing and More

  • Activated Factory UIMG Files Support
    • Flash Factory UIMG Files
    • Read Complete Info from UIMG files
    • Verify Factory UIMG files content
Activated DEVICE MODE Verification
  • There is 3 mode can be found:
    1. Loader Open
    2. MaskROM
    3. Loader Protected
PROTECTED mode limitations: WRITE PROTECTED ( you can ONLY read fw, patternlock, identify )

  • Activated CPU/HW details info reading
  • Improved NAND support
  • Improved "Reset UserLocks"
Firmware Reader Updated
  • Some missed and new types supported
  • Fixed connection problems with some devices
  • Some improvements and bugfixes