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Infinity-Box CM2SCR v1.03

Infinity Chinese Miracle II SCR/SPD-RDA v1.03: New models and features

Supported CPU list:
Spreadtrum: SC6530, SC6531, SC6531(A/C), SC6531E, SC6533, SC6533G
RDA Mirco: RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL
RDA Micro: RDA8826

RDA Mirco RDA8851 rev A,B,C,L,CL/RDA8826
Flashing protocol updated
Updated LOD tools ( flashing / customizing )

Spreadtrum SC6533/G:
Protocol updated
Support for REV2 bootrom mode activated
FW reading revised
Updated LOD tools ( flashing / customizing )

Spreadtrum SC6530/6531/A/C/E:
Revised Repair security feature
Flashing revised
-> Activated "Format FFS" during BINARY dump writing
-> Use that feature, if device not allow make direct format ( some C/E revision devices )
User code read revised - activated 2nd mode : from DUMP
-> Press and hold LEFT SHIFT key, while starting ReadUsercode code operation. Select desired dump file to read code.
Activated AUTO fixer for memory dumps
Internal loaders updated

Spreadtrum other:
Protocol updated
PAC handling revised
Improved Flashing procedure for SC7701/SC7702 devices
Improved Flashing procedure for SC6825/SC8825 devices

Known issues[*]/warnings[!]/info[I]:
1. [I] AUTO fixer for memory dumps
-> That feature will AUTOMATICALLY FIX dumps from devices with "abnormal" flash and memory layout ( issue found on number of devices 16MB flash with 8MB layout )
-> Just select binary dump in flashing tab or any other operation, which require file select.
2. [*] In some cases Format FFS may fail on E and C rev
-> Read Flash Dump, write it back. During Dump writing SW will ask you about FormatFFS.

Infinity-Box CM2SCR v1.03


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