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Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.00 r2

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/UniSoc - CM2SP2 - v2.00 r2 released - More models and features

Previous SPD software version is here

- Core
Protocol updated
Connection problems with older drivers revisions fixed

- Service
Identify - Read Security info option enabled
> Read and verify NV state, show security info
Identify - Userdata state detection optimized
Format FS - New FMT mode - Forced. Use it if you have problems with default ones. FRP NOT in touch on that mode!

- Flasher
Optimized PAC handling
Some old device types flashing fixed ( SC7715/SC7731 )
NVManager updated - optimized verification, optimized data recovery in case of NVM damaged, complete security info display
Forced NVM update option activated ( complete NV rewrite with all calibration data destroy, if device NVM completely damaged )

- Database:
New generic boots included for SC9850KA, SC9850, SC9832E, SC9820

- Other
Bug fixes and some changes according users requests

Infinity-Box CM2SP2 v2.00 r2


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