Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.14

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD/Spreadtrum v1.14 - New NAND and Generic Features

SPD SP Platform

- Flash Engine updated
Some bugfixes and improvements

- Firmware Reading improved
Read engine updated and revised
Brand-specific improvements
NAND: Read Full Info during FW read
NAND: FW saved with full phone info
NAND/eMMC: Save "AndroifInfo.txt" file during FW read
> File contain phone info details ( model, build version, android version and etc )
Some other improvements and bugfixes

- Service operations improved
Format FS/Reset settings in SVC mode released
> Allow format most of SC77xx series phones on eMMC/NAND
> This feature is not intended to be used as "main option", use it if its impossible to make reset in FlashMode
> This feature do not make "Full Reset" and do not touch FRP. It only Wipe UserData (UserData, Security settings etc.)
Supported CPU: SC6815, SC7715, SC7731, SC8830, SC9830, SC5735, NAND/eMMC, Secured and Normal
FRP reset revised, more types supported
Security repair improved (SVC and Flash Mode)
NAND: Full Info read during "Check/Info" operation released

- Other
SC9830 SVC support revised
Improved connection with some SC77xx phones
FlashLoaders updated and revised
FW Info details visible during Infinity FW selection
"AltLoader" mode option for SC7731 series (no need manually select v2 sldr)
Some improvements and bugfixes at all

Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.14