Infinity-Box CM2SPD v1.18 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SPD / Spreadtrum v1.18 - SC9830 with Android 5 and More

SPD SP Platform

Flash Engine Updated
  • Some Bugfixes and Improvements
    • SC9830 with Android 5.x on board supported! - WorldFirst !
    • PAC Flashing
    • Infinity SC Firmware Reading
    • Infinity SC Firmware Writing
    • Update NVM and complete erase during flashing
    • Reset FRP (Reset Protection) lock
    • Format FS - Repair/Rebuild mode
    • Format FS in SVC mode
    • Read NVRAM memory - LTE and TDLTE
    • Write NVRAM memory - LTE and TDLTE
    • Identify in Boot and SVC mode
    • Repair Security (IMEI/MEID, BT and WiFi MAC) in SVC mode
    • Repair Security in FlashMode
    • Clear DIN data
    • Erase Flash
    • HW testing
    • Forensic: Read PatternLock, Read PhoneBook
    • SP Unlock (under test)
Firmware Reading Improved
  • New types supported
  • Brand-specific improvements
  • Automatic detection and read of all existing NVM types for different network types
    • Now CM2 support read calibrations from a wide range of network customized phones (GSM, TDMA, LTE and their different sub types)
    • That allow users read complete FW for full NVM rebuild on all latest 4G/3G/GSM/TDMA phones
Service Operations Improved
  • FRP rest improved for latest CPU and FW versions
  • NVM operations revised completely
  • TD, GSM, LTE bands NVItems now handled correctly for Read and Write
  • Compatibility with old NVM files saved
  • During NVM writing SW will try repair "Unknown BaseBand" also ("BB Fix Mode" checkbox)
  • Some other changes and improvements on NVM operations
  • Clear DIN operation revised for NAND and eMMC phones, all latest platfroms supported
  • Security Repair over FlashMode revised - support all latest TD, GSM and LTE phones
  • SPUnlock revised, allow unlock more different types
  • DataDirect Engine updated
  • Boot package updated
  • Some improvements and bugfixes at all
  • Connection stack revised
  • New SLDR loaders included
  • AltLDR option activated for SC9830