Infinity-Box install BEST2 v1.07

Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.07 - Nokia 130 (2017) support and new features

- Nokia 130 (2017) line support activated !

Next revision of Nokia 130 (2017) are supported:
Nokia 130 (2017): KESA : TA-1017/TA-1019

For now the next features are supported:
> Firmware flashing ( Factory/BEST firmware packages )
> Firmware reading
> Format FS / Reset Settings
> Identify ( read complete device info & check/verify security area )

- Changes/Fixes
> MTK FP line
Fix/Change: Flash engine revised : Automatic Repair Mode enable, if device semi-dead
Fix/Change: AutoID in case of semi-dead device state may fail, fixed

- Support
Hundreds of firmwares for 130 (2017) have been uploaded to support area
> Check out for required region packages or language packages in support area first! Also you can read from any good working device that you have.

Infinity-Box install BEST2 v1.07