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Infinity-Box LG Service Module LGS_v1.00

Infinity-Box LG Service Module LGS v1.00 - Initial Release

- Supported Devices
Wide range of LG phones based on MTK (Include Secure Devices) and QLM CPU
Tested and working on: K100, K130, K10 LTE, D170, K200

- Supported Features
1. Identify - Read complete device info, include HW,SW and exta info
2. Reset Settings / Format FS - Reset user settings, format FS and reset FRP lock
3. Read PatternLok - Read PatternLock on Android 4x-5x devices
4. Reset UserLocks - Reset UserLocks ( include KnockCode ) on Android 4x-6x devices
5. Read FW - Read Firmware from phone ( Infinity format )
6. Write FW - Write FW to phone ( Infinity Format )

- LG Driver available for download in Support Area

Infinity-Box LG Service Module LGS_v1.00


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