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Infinity-Box LG Service Module LGS_v1.01

Infinity-Box LGS v1.01 - NVM Operations, Repair Security and more

*FW reader engine updated
New types and models supported
LGS module prevent whole flash dumping and readout only FW
All security and unique data will remain after flashing with read FW

Android 7 devices with Signed FW not supported yet!

*Service Operations :
[MTK] Read NVM
[MTK] Write NVM
[MTK] Read Security
[MTK] Write Security
[MTK] Repair Security [IMEI1,IMEI2,BT,WiFi]

Improved Factory Reset
Improved FRP Reset
Improved FlashMode init , device detection
"Forced flashing" and "Data preserve" revised
Some other improvements and fixes

Infinity-Box LG Service Module LGS_v1.01


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