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GSM Shield Box Qualcomm v1.2 Setup

[27/11/2019] GSM Shield Box Qualcomm Setup v1.2 is out...

Supported Qualcomm Chipsets with AutoDetection:
  • MSM8909
  • MSM8x10
  • MSM8x26
  • MSM8916
  • MSM8917
  • MSM8920
  • MSM8929
  • MSM8936
  • MSM8937
  • MSM8952
  • MSM8953
  • MSM8960
  • MSM8974
  • MSM8976
  • MSM8992
  • MSM8994
  • MSM8996
  • MSM8998
  • SDM7xx
  • SDM8xx
Supported Features:
  • Automatic Selection of programmer
  • Option to select custom programmer
  • Automatic Memory Type Detection
  • Device Identification Function
  • Read Factory Firmware
  • Write Factory Firmware
  • Support Multi Program Firmware Read/Write
  • Safe Flashing for Security Data Protection
  • Reset FRP in Flashing Process
  • Read/Write/Erase Any Partition
  • Backup/Restore/Erase Security
  • Reset FRP
  • Format Userdata
  • Safe Format Userdata
  • Supports Both IMEI Repair
  • Reset Vivo User Lock without Data Loss
  • Read QCN Data
  • Write QCN Data
  • Support for UFS Memory Devices
  • Xiaomi Mi Account Reset
  • Xiaomi Mi Account Relock Fix
  • Xiaomi Factory Reset in sideload
  • Enjoy 8e (ATU-TL10)
  • Y6 (SCL-U31)
  • Y7 Prime 2019 (LDN-L21)
  • 3.2
  • 6
  • 6T
  • A57t
  • Neffos Y5i (TP804R)
  • Neffos Y5s (TP-804A)
  • Xplay 6
  • View2
  • BlackShark 1
  • Blade V9 VITA
Xiaomi Mi Account Reset - EDL Mode
  • Reset Mi Account on Supported Xiaomi Devices
  • Devices with EDL Auth are not supported at the moment
  • If you get Wifi issue after reset, please flash persist
Xiaomi Mi Account Relock Fix - ADB Mode
  • Must connect phone with USB debugging enabled
Xiaomi Factory Reset - sideload
  • You can Format userdata using this function
  • To check only firmware details, click No when asked to proceed with factory reset
Xiaomi IMEI Check
  • You can check phone details, warranty status etc using phone IMEI

GSM Shield Box Qualcomm v1.2 Setup
GSM Shield Box Qualcomm v1.2 Setup
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