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How to Overcome the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 4G LTE Priority Missing

How to Overcome the 4G LTE Priority Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Missing - One of the government regulations for using 4G connectivity is to apply a TKDN policy. If the cellphone does not pass TKDN rules, of course, the device cannot use the 4G LTE network.

Well, the government only allows 4G cellular devices that comply with the minimum TKDN requirement of 30 percent to be marketed in Indonesia. However, TKDN (domestic content) regulations do not apply to 3G smartphones that can be imported directly without having to have local content.

One of the smartphones from Xiaomi that carries the Redmi Note 2 4G network. However, because it does not pass TKDN rules, the 4G LTE Priority network option is not available if you are using an Indonesian location.

For this reason, on this occasion I share tips so that the Redmi Note 2 4G LTE Priority option can be displayed and you can use this high-speed network.

1. Change Location
  • First, enter your Xiaomi device's Settings
  • Then select the Additional Settings menu
  • Then in the Location menu, change your location to Thailand / Malaysia / India. But I would recommend choosing Thailand because of the same time zone.

INFO: If you choose a country other than Thailand, the clock on your device will change according to the time zone of the country you choose.

2. Dial the Secret Code
  • Open the phone application on your device.
  • Next type the code * # * # 4636 # * # *
  • Then select Phone Information 1 or Phone Information 2 that you use to access the internet.
  • After that in the Set the preferred network type section select LTE / GSM Auto or LTE Only (if you want to lock the 4G network).

Well, that is how to fix the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Lost LTE 4G Priority option. Continue to visit to get tips and other interesting articles about the world of technology and smartphones. May be useful.

Best Regards Tembel Panci

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