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Sony Xperia Firmware & Lock Remove FTF File

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********** Sony Xperia Firmware & Lock Remove FTF File **********

502SO - Sony Xperia X Performance TD-LTE

502SO_35.0.C.2.342_R20A_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom 502SO ftf file)
502SO_35.0.C.2.342_R20A_RemoveLock.ftf (502SO Lock Remove File)
502SO_39.2.D.0.340_R13C_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware 502SO ftf file)
502SO_39.2.D.0.340_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 502SO Lock Remove File)

601SO - Sony Xperia XZ

601SO_39.2.D.0.354_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 601SO Lock Remove File)
601SO_39.2.D.0.354_R13C_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom Sony 601SO ftf file)
601SO_39.2.D.0.361_R14C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 601SO Lock Remove File)
601SO_39.2.D.0.361_R14C_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 601SO ftf file)

602SO - Sony Xperia XZs

602SO_41.3.D.1.179_R10E_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 602SO FTF File)
602SO_41.3.D.1.179_R10E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 602SO Lock Remove File)

702SO - SONY Xperia XZ2 SoftBank

702SO_51.1.D.3.64_R16A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 702SO Lock Remove File)
702SO_51.1.D.3.64_R16A_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom Sony 702SO ftf file)
702SO_52.0.D.5.78_R14B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 702SO Lock Remove File)
702SO_52.0.D.5.78_R14B_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 702SO FTF File)

C1505 - Sony Xperia E

C1505_11.3.A.2.33_R10E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom C1505 ftf file)
Xperia E C1505_11.3.A.2.33_lock remove.ftf (Lock Remove)
C1505_Jtag (C1505 File Dump eMMC)

C1905 - Sony Xperia M

C1905_15.4.A.1.9_R3C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware C1905 ftf file)
C1905_15.4.A.1.9_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (C1905 Lock Remove File)
C1905_15_4_A_1_9 (C1905 Setool Unbrick File)

C2105 - Sony Xperia L

Xperia L C2105_15.3.A.1.17_lock remove .ftf (C2105 Lock Remove File)
C2105_15_3_A_1_17 (C2105 Firmware For Setool File)

C2305 - Sony Xperia C

C2305_1276-3349_16.0.B.2.16_R8A_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom C2305 ftf file)
Xperia C C2305_16.0.B.2.16_lock remove.ftf (C2305 Lock Remove File)
C2305_16_0_B_2_16 (C2305 Firmware For Setool File)

C6502 - Sony Xperia ZL

C6502_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6502 FTF File)
C6502_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6502 Lock Remove File)

C6503 - Sony Xperia ZL

C6503_10.7.A.0.222_R1E_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony C6503 FTF File)
C6503_10.7.A.0.222_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6503 Lock Remove File)

C6506 - Sony Xperia ZL

C6506_10.7.A.0.222_R4E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6506 FTF File)
C6506_10.7.A.0.222_R4E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6506 Lock Remove File)

C6602 - Sony Xperia Z

C6602_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6602 FTF File)
C6602_10.7.A.0.222_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6602 Lock Remove File)
Xperia Z C6602_5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf (C6602 Lock Remove File)
C6602_10_4_B_0_569 (C6602 Firmware For Setool File)

C6603 - Sony Xperia Z

C6603_10.3.A.0.423_Generic ES.ftf (Rom C6603 FTF File Android 4.2.2)
C6603_10.5.A.0.230_C6603_1270-4066.ftf (Rom C6603 FTF File Android 4.4.2)
C6603_1271-0116_10.5.1.A.0.283_R2D_firmware.ftf (Rom C6603 FTF File Android 4.4.4)
C6603_10.7.A.0.228_R6E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware C6603 FTF File Android 5.1.1)
Xperia Z LTE C6603_10.5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf (C6603 Lock Remove File)
C6603_10.7.A.0.228_R6E_RemoveLock.ftf (C6603 Lock Remove File)
C6603_10_4_B_0_569 (Firmware C6603 For Setool File)

C6606 - Sony Xperia Z (T-Mobile)

C6606_10.4.C.0.814_R12C_T-Mobile_US.ftf (Rom C6606 ftf file)
C6606_10.4.C.0.814_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (C6606 Lock Remove File)
C6606_10_3_1_E_0_191 (Firmware C6606 For Setool File)

C6616 - Sony Xperia Z

C6616_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6616 FTF File)
C6616_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6616 Lock Remove File)

C6802 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra

C6802_14.5.A.0.270_R1D_CustomizedUS.ftf.7z (Firmware C6802 ftf file)
C6802_14.5.A.0.270_R1D_Lock Remove.ftf (C6802 Lock Remove File)
C6802_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6802 FTF File)
C6802_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6802 Lock Remove File)

C6806 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra

C6806_1276-1569_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom C6806 ftf file)
C6806_1276-1569_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6806 Lock Remove File)

C6833 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra

C6833_1275-6410_14.6.A.1.236_R6D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom C6833 ftf file)
C6833_1275-6410_14.6.A.1.236_R6D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6833 Lock Remove File)

C6843 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra

C6843_1277-0849_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom C6843 ftf file)
C6843_1277-0849_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6843 Lock Remove File)

C6902 - Sony Xperia Z1

C6902_14.4.A.0.157_Customized_SG.ftf (Rom C6902 FTF File Android 4.4.4)
C6902_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware C6902 FTF File)
C6902_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6902 Lock Remove File)

C6903 - Sony Xperia Z1

C6903_14.4.A.0.157_Customized_SG.ftf (Rom C6903 FTF File Android 4.4.4)
C6903_14.6.A.1.236_R6D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware C6903 FTF File)
C6903_14.6.A.0.368_R6D_RemoveLock.ftf (C6903 Lock Remove File)

C6906 - Sony Xperia Z1

C6906_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony C6906 FTF File)
C6906_14.6.A.1.236_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6906 Lock Remove File)

C6916 - Sony Xperia Z1 T-mobile

C6916_14.5.B.0.247_R17D_T-Mobile_US.ftf (Rom Sony C6916 FTF File)
C6916_14.5.B.0.247_R17D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6916 Lock Remove File)

C6943 - Sony Xperia Z1

C6943_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_CustomizedAR.ftf (Rom Sony C6943 FTF File)
C6943_14.6.A.1.236_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony C6943 Lock Remove File)

D2004 - Sony Xperia E1

D2004_20.1.A.2.19_R1B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D2004 FTF File)
D2004_20.1.A.2.19_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2004 Lock Remove File)

D2005 - Sony Xperia E1

D2005_20.1.A.2.19_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2005 ftf file)
Xperia E1 D2005_20.1.A.2.13_lock remove.ftf (D2005 Lock Remove File)
D2005_Setool Full File (Firmware D2005 Setool File For Unbrick 9008)

D2104 - Sony Xperia E1 dual

D2104_20.0.B.0.84_R1A_CustomizedGEL.ftf (Rom Sony D2104 FTF File)
D2104_20.0.B.0.84_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2104 Lock Remove File)

D2105 - Sony Xperia E1 dual

D2105_20.1.B.2.29_R2B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony D2105 FTF File)
D2105_20.1.B.2.29_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2105 Lock Remove File)

D2114 - Sony Xperia E1

D2114_20.1.B.2.30_R2B_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom Sony D2114 FTF File)
D2114_20.1.B.2.30_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2114 Lock Remove File)

D2202 - Sony Xperia E3

D2202_18.5.A.0.26_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2202 ftf file)
D2202_18.5.A.0.26_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2202 Lock Remove File)
D2202_18_5_A_0_26  (Firmware D2202 For Setool File)

D2203 - Sony Xperia E3

D2203_18.5.C.0.19_R3B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom D2203 FTF File)
D2203_18.5.C.0.19_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf  (D2203 Lock Remove File)

D2206 - Sony Xperia E3

D2206_18.5.C.0.19_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom D2206 FTF File)
D2206_18.5.C.0.19_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf   (D2206 Lock Remove File)

D2212 - Sony Xperia E3 Dual

D2212_18.5.B.0.26_R8B_CustomizedIN.ftf  (Rom D2212 FTF File)
D2212_18.5.B.0.26_R8B_RemoveLock.ftf  (D2212 Lock Remove File)

D2243 - Sony Xperia E3

D2243_18.4.C.2.12_R1B_Commercial.ftf (Rom D2243 FTF File)
D2243_18.4.C.2.12_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf  (D2243 Lock Remove File)

D2302 - Sony Xperia M2

D2302_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Firmware Sony D2302 FTF File)
D2302_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2302 Lock Remove File)

D2303 - Sony Xperia M2

D2303_18.6.A.0.182_R1C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D2303 FTF File)
D2303_18.6.A.0.182_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2303 Lock Remove File)

D2305 - Sony Xperia M2

D2305_1281-0472_18.3.1.A.1.9_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2305 FTF File)
D2305_1281-0472_18.3.1.A.1.9_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (D2305 Lock Remove File)
D2305_18.3.1.A.0.21_DevXharrY.ftf (Firmware Sony D2305 FTF File)
D2305_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D2305 FTF File)
D2305_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2305 Lock Remove File)
D2305_18.6.A.0.182  (Firmware D2305 Setool Full File For Unbrick)

D2306 - Sony Xperia M2

D2306_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_Customized.US.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D2306 FTF File)
D2306_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2306 Lock Remove File)

D2403 - Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

D2403_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_Customized_IT.ftf (Rom Sony D2403 FTF File)
D2403_18.6.A.0.182_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2403 Lock Remove File)

D2406 - Sony Xperia M2 Aqua

D2406_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D2406 FTF File)
D2406_18.6.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2406 Lock Remove File)

D2502 - Sony Xperia C3 Dual

D2502_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D2502 FTF File Android 5.1.1)
D2502_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (D2502 Lock Remove File)

D2533 - Sony Xperia C3

D2533_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony D2533 FTF File)
D2533_19.4.A.0.182_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D2533 Lock Remove File)

D5102 - Sony Xperia T3

D5102_18.2.A.2.32_R2B_Customized.US.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5102 FTF File)
D5102_18.2.A.2.32_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5102 Lock Remove File)

D5103 - Sony Xperia T3

D5103_18.1.A.2.25_R10B_Customized.UK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5103 FTF File)
D5103_18.1.A.2.25_R10B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5103 Lock Remove File)

D5106 - Sony Xperia T3

D5106_18.1.A.2.25_R4B_Customized.US.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5106 FTF File)
D5106_18.1.A.2.25_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5106 Lock Remove File)

D5303 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

D5303_19.4.A.0.182_R8C_Customized.UK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5303 FTF File)
D5303_19.4.A.0.182_R8C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5303 Lock Remove File)

D5306 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

D5306_19.4.A.0.182_R7C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5306 FTF File)
D5306_19.4.A.0.182_R7C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5306 Lock Remove File)

D5316 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

D5316_19.4.A.0.182_R6C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D5316 FTF File)
D5316_19.4.A.0.182_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5316 Lock Remove File)

D5322 - Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

D5322_19.4.A.0.182_R2C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom D5322 FTF File)
D5322_19.4.A.0.182_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (D5322 Lock Remove File)

D5503 - Sony Xperia Z1 Mini (Z1 Compact)

D5503_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom D5503 FTF File)
D5503_14.6.A.1.236_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf  (D5503 Lock Remove File)
D5503_512M (File Dump Sony D5503)

D5788 - Sony Xperia J1 Compact

D5788_14.4.C.0.136_R6C_CustomizedJP.ftf (Rom Sony D5788 FTF File)
D5788_14.4.C.0.136_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5788 Lock Remove File)

D5803 - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

D5803_23.5.A.1.291_R5D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D5803 FTF File)
D5803_23.5.A.1.291_R5D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5803 Lock Remove File)

D5833 - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

D5833_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_CustomizedIN.ftf (Firmware Sony D5833 FTF File)
D5833_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D5833 Lock Remove File)

D6502 - Sony Xperia Z2

D6502_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony D6502 FTF File)
D6502_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6502 Lock Remove File)

D6503 - Sony Xperia Z2

D6503_23.4.A.0.546_R6C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony D6503 FTF File)
D6503_23.4.A.0.546_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf  (Sony D6503 Lock Remove File)
D6503_23.5.A.1.291_R11D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware D6503 FTF File)
D6503_23.5.A.1.291_R11D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6503 Lock Remove File)
D6503_512M (File Dump Sony D6503)

D6543 - Sony Xperia Z2

D6543_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom Sony D6543 FTF File)
D6543_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6543 Lock Remove File)

D6563 - Sony Xperia Z2a

D6563_17.1.2.A.0.314_Customized_TW.ftf (Rom Sony D6563 FTF File)
D6563_23.1.A.0.726_Customized_TW.ftf (Rom Sony D6563 FTF File)
D6563_17.1.1.A.0.438_TW_UXT.ftf (Firmware Sony D6563 FTF File)
D6563_23.5.A.0.575_R4D_CustomizedTW.ftf (Firmware D6563 FTF File)
D6563_23.5.A.0.575_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6563 Lock Remove File)

D6603 - Sony Xperia Z3

D6603_23.0.A.2.98_Customized_20UK.ftf (Rom Sony D6603 FTF File)
D6603_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony D6603 FTF File)
D6603_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf  (Sony D6603 Lock Remove File)

D6616 - Sony Xperia Z3

D6616_23.1.C.0.385_R15C_T-Mobile_US.ftf  (Rom Sony D6616 FTF File)
D6616_23.1.C.0.385_R15C_RemoveLock.ftf (D6616 Lock Remove File)

D6633 - Sony Xperia Z3 Dual

D6633_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D6633 FTF File)
D6633_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6633 Lock Remove File)

D6643 - Sony Xperia Z3

D6643_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_CustomizedAR.ftf (Firmware Sony D6643 FTF File)
D6643_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6643 Lock Remove File)

D6646 - Sony Xperia Z3

D6646_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony D6646 FTF File)
D6646_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6646 Lock Remove File)

D6653 - Sony Xperia Z3

D6653_23.0.A.2.93_Customized_IN.ftf (Rom Sony D6653 FTF File)
D6653_23.4.A.1.232_R2C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony D6653 FTF File)
Xperia Z3 D6653_23.0.A.2.93_lock remove.ftf (Sony D6653 Lock Remove File)
D6653_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony D6653 FTF File)
D6653_23.5.A.1.291_R3D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6653 Lock Remove File)

D6683 - Sony Xperia Z3 Dual

D6683_23.1.2.E.0.13_R6C_CustomizedHK.ftf (Rom Sony D6683 FTF File)
D6683_23.1.2.E.0.13_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6683 Lock Remove File)

D6708 - Sony Xperia Z3v Verizon

D6708_D66XX_23.4.B.0.319_R30C_VerizonUS.ftf (Rom Sony D6708 FTF File)
D6708_D66XX_23.D.1.0.485_Verizon.ftf (Rom Sony D6708 FTF File)
D6708_D66XX_23.4.B.0.319_R30C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony D6708 Lock Remove File)
Flash Tool For Sony D6708 (Nếu chạy flashtool ver new lỗi thì tải bản này nhé): Download
D6708_512M (File Dump Sony D6708)

E15i - Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

E15i_2_1_1_A_0_6 (Firmware Sony E15i For Setool File)
Xperia X8  E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf (Sony E15i Lock Remove File)
Xperia X8 E15a_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf (Sony E15a Lock Remove File)

E2003 - Sony Xperia E4g

E2003_25.0.A.2.31_R10A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony E2003 FTF File)
E2003_25.0.A.2.31_R10A_RemoveLock.ftf  (Sony E2003 Lock Remove File)

E2006 - Sony Xperia E4g

E2006_25.0.A.1.28_R1A_Unit.ftf (Firmware Sony E2006 FTF File)
E2006_25.0.A.1.28_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2006 Lock Remove File)
E2006_25.0.A.2.35_R4A_CustomizedGEL.ftf (Rom Sony E2006 FTF File)
E2006_25.0.A.2.35_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2006 Lock Remove File)

E2033 - Sony Xperia E4g Dual

E2033_25.0.B.2.31_R3A_CustomizedHK.ftf (Firmware Sony E2033 FTF File)
E2033_25.0.B.2.31_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2033 Lock Remove File)

E2043 - Sony Xperia E4g Dual

E2043_25.0.B.2.31_R4A_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony E2043 FTF File)
E2043_25.0.B.2.31_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2043 Lock Remove File)

E2053 - Sony Xperia E4g

E2053_25.0.A.2.31_R3A_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony E2053 FTF File)
E2053_25.0.A.2.31_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2053 Lock Remove File)

E2104 - Sony Xperia E4

E2104_24.0.A.1.36_R1A_Commercial.ftf (Rom Sony E2104 FTF File)
E2104_24.0.A.1.36_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2104 Lock Remove File)
E2104_24.0.A.5.14_R4A_CustomizedGEL.ftf (Firmware E2104 FTF File)
E2104_24.0.A.5.14_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2104 Lock Remove File)

E2105 - Sony Xperia E4

E2105_24.0.A.5.14_R8A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E2105 FTF File)
E2105_24.0.A.5.14_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2105 Lock Remove File)

E2115 - Sony Xperia E4 Dual

E2115_24.0.B.5.14_R4A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E2115 FTF File)
E2115_24.0.B.5.14_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf  (Sony E2115 Lock Remove File)
E2115_24.0.B.1.36-4.4.4-24.0.B.1.36)[Q7XSAB] (Firmware E2115 File For SPFlashtool)
E2115_24.0.B.5.17 Firmware Sony E2115 For Setool Unbrick File]

E2124 - Sony Xperia E4 Dual

E2124_24.0.B.1.36_R2A_Unit.ftf (Rom Sony E2124 FTF File)
E2124_24.0.B.1.36_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2124 Lock Remove File)
E2124_24.0.B.5.14_R6A_CustomizedBR.ftf (Firmware Sony E2124 FTF File)
E2124_24.0.B.5.14_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2124 Lock Remove File)

E2303 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

E2303_26.1.A.1.128_R2A_CAJ.ftf (Rom Sony E2303 FTF File Android 5.0)
E2303_26.1.A.1.128_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2303 Lock Remove File)
E2303_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony E2303 FTF File Android 6.0)
E2303_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_RemoveLock.ftf  (Sony E2303 Lock Remove File)

E2306 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

E2306_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E2306 FTF File)
E2306_26.3.A.1.33_R5C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2306 Lock Remove File)

E2312 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual

Flashtool Sony E2312: Download
E2312_26.1.B.3.109_R1A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom E2312 FTF File Android 5.0)
E2312_1298-6195_26.1.B.3.109_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2312 Lock Remove File)
E2312_26.3.B.1.33_R1C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E2312 FTF File v5.0)
E2312_26.3.B.1.33_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2312 Lock Remove File)
E2312_eMMC_8G (File Dump eMMC Full 8G Sony E2312)
E2312_26.3.B.1.33_R1C (Firmware Sony M4 E2312 For Setool File)

E2333 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual

E2333_26.3.B.1.33_R6C_CustomizedSA.ftf (Rom Sony E2333 FTF File)
E2333_26.3.B.1.33_R6C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2333 Lock Remove File)

E2353 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (4G, 1 SIM)

E2353_26.3.A.1.33_R1C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E2353 FTF File)
E2353_26.3.A.1.33_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2353 Lock Remove File)

E2363 - Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 16GB LTE 4G

E2363_26.3.B.1.33_R2C_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony E2363 FTF File)
E2363_26.3.B.1.33_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E2363 Lock Remove File)

E5303 - Sony Xperia C4

E5303_27.3.A.0.173_R3B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E5303 FTF File)
E5303_27.3.A.0.173_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5303 Lock Remove File)

E5306 - Sony Xperia C4

E5306_27.3.A.0.173_R1B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E5306 FTF File)
E5306_27.3.A.0.173_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5306 Lock Remove File)

E5333 - Sony Xperia C4 Dual

E5333_27.2.B.0.169_R2A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5333 FTF File)
E5333_27.2.B.0.169_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5333 Lock Remove File)
E5333_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony E5333 FTF File)
E5333_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5333 Lock Remove File)
E5333_27.3.B.0.129 (Firmware Sony E5333 For Setool Unbrick File Android 6.0)

E5353 - Sony Xperia C4

E5353_27.3.A.0.173_R2B_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony E5353 FTF File)
E5353_27.3.A.0.173_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5353 Lock Remove File)

E5363 - Sony Xperia C4 Dual

E5363_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony E5363 FTF File)
E5363_27.3.B.0.173_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5363 Lock Remove File)

E5506 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

E5506_29.2.A.0.174_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E5506 FTF File)
E5506_29.2.A.0.174_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5506 Lock Remove File)

E5533 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

E5533_29.2.B.0.174_R4B_CustomizedSA.ftf (Rom Sony E5533 FTF File)
E5533_29.2.B.0.174_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5533 Lock Remove File)

E5553 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

E5553_29.2.A.0.174_R3B_CustomizedSG.ftf (Firmware E5533 FTF File)
E5553_29.2.A.0.174_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5533 Lock Remove File)

E5563 - Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

E5563_29.2.B.0.129_R3B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5563 FTF File)
E5563_29.2.B.0.129_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5563 Lock Remove File)
E5563_29.2.B.0.174_R3B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony E5563 FTF File)
E5563_29.2.B.0.174_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5563 Lock Remove File)
E5563_Setool Full File (Firmware Sony E5563 For Setool Unbrick File)
E5563_Jtag (File dump eMMC dump by EasyJtag Full File): Download

E5603 - Sony Xperia M5

E5603_30.2.A.1.21_R3B_Customized.UK.ftf (Rom Sony E5603 FTF File)
E5603_30.2.A.1.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5603 Lock Remove File)

E5606 - Sony Xperia M5

E5606_30.2.A.1.21_R2B_Customized.AR.ftf (Rom Sony E5606 FTF File)
E5606_30.2.A.1.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5606 Lock Remove File)

E5633 - Sony Xperia M5 Dual

E5633_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_Customized.UA.ftf (Rom Sony E5633 FTF File)
E5633_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5633 Lock Remove File)

E5653 - Sony Xperia M5 Single Sim

E5653_30.2.A.1.21_R1B_Customized.VN.ftf (Rom Sony E5653 FTF File)
E5653_30.2.A.1.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5653 Lock Remove File)
E5653_30.2.A.1.21_CustomizedVN_FileSetool (Rom Unbrick Sony E5653 For Setool)
E5653_1Sim_Jtag (File Dump eMMC Sony E5653)

E5643 - Sony Xperia M5 Dual

E5643_30.2.B.1.21_R5B_Customized.BR.ftf (Rom Sony E5643 FTF File)
E5643_30.2.B.1.21_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5643 Lock Remove File)

E5663 - Sony Xperia M5 Dual

E5663_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5663 FTF File)
E5663_30.2.B.1.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5663 Lock Remove File)
E5663_30.2.B.1.21_CustomizedVN_FileSetool (Rom Unbrick Sony E5663 For Setool)
E5663_2Sim_Jtag (File Dump eMMC Sony E5663)

E5803 - Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

E5803_32.2.A.5.11_R10C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E5803 FTF File)
E5803_32.2.A.5.11_R10C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5803 Lock Remove File)
E5803_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E5803 FTF File)
E5803_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_RemoveLock (Sony E5803 Lock Remove File)

E5823 - Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

E5823_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E5823 FTF File)
E5823_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5823 Lock Remove File)
E5823_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware E5823 FTF File)
E5823_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E5823 Lock Remove File)

E6533 - Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Dual

E6533_32.2.A.0.305_R10C_CustomizedHK.ftf (Rom Sony E6533 FTF File)
E6533_32.2.A.0.305_R10C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6533 Lock Remove File)
E6533_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedSA.ftf (Firmware E6533 FTF File)
E6533_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6533 Lock Remove File)

E6553 - Sony Xperia Z3 Plus

E6553_32.2.A.0.305_R7C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E6553 FTF File)
E6553_32.2.A.0.305_R7C_RemoveLock.ftf  (Sony E6553 Lock Remove File)

E6603 - Sony Xperia Z5

E6603_32.2.A.0.224_R3C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E6603 FTF File)
E6603_32.2.A.0.224_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6603 Lock Remove File)
E6603_32.2.A.0.305_R3C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony E6603 FTF File)
E6603_32.2.A.0.305_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6603 Lock Remove File)
E6603_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware E6603 FTF File)
E6603_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6603 Lock Remove File)

E6633 - Sony Xperia Z5 Dual

E6633_32.2.A.5.11_R2C_CustomizedTR.ftf (Rom Sony E6633 FTF File)
E6633_32.2.A.5.11_R2C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6633 Lock Remove File)
E6633_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedTR.ftf (Firmware E6633 FTF File)
E6633_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6633 Lock Remove File)

E6653 - Sony Xperia Z5 1 SIM

E6653_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_GenericGLOBAL (Stock Rom Sony E6653 FTF File)
E6653_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_RemoveLock (Sony E6653 Lock Remove File)
E6653_32.3.A.2.33_R2D_GenericGLOBAL.ftf (Firmware Sony E6653 FTF File)
E6653_32.3.A.2.33_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 Lock Remove File)
E6653_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 FTF File)
E6653_32.4.A.1.54_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony Xperia Z5 E6653 Lock Remove File)

E6683 - Sony Xperia Z5 Dual

E6683_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E6683 FTF File)
E6683_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6683 Lock Remove File)
E6683_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E6683 FTF File)
E6683_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6683 Lock Remove File)

E6833 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual

E6833_32.2.A.5.11_R1C_CustomizedTR.ftf (Stock Rom Sony E6833 FTF File)
E6833_32.2.A.5.11_R1C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6833 Lock Remove File)
E6833_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedSA.ftf (Firmware Sony E6833 FTF File)
E6833_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6833 Lock Remove File)

E6853 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

E6853_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony E6853 FTF File)
E6853_32.2.A.5.11_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6853 Lock Remove File)

E6883 - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual

E6883_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony E6883 FTF File)
E6883_32.2.A.5.11_R9C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6883 Lock Remove File)
E6883_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware E6883 FTF File)
E6883_32.4.A.1.54_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony E6883 Lock Remove File)
E6883_32.4.A.0.160 (Firmware Sony E6883 For Setool Full File Unbrick)

F3111 - Sony Xperia XA

F3111_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony F3111 FTF File)
F3111_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3111 Lock Remove File)

F3112 - Sony Xperia XA Dual SIM

F3112_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_CustomizedAE.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F3112 FTF File)
F3112_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3112 Lock Remove File)

F3113 - Sony Xperia XA

F3113_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony F3113 FTF File)
F3113_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3113 Lock Remove File)

F3115 - Sony Xperia XA

F3115_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_CustomizedUA.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F3115 FTF File)
F3115_33.3.A.1.97_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3115 Lock Remove File)

F3116 - Sony Xperia XA

F3116_33.2.B.4.70_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony F3116 FTF File)
F3116_33.2.B.3.74_remove lock.ftf (Sony F3116 Lock Remove File)
F3116_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware F3116 FTF File)
F3116_33.3.A.1.97_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3116 Lock Remove File)
F3116_Jtag (File Dump eMMC Sony F3116)

F3211 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra

F3211_36.1.A.1.106_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony F3211 FTF File)
F3211_36.1.A.1.106_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3211 Lock Remove File)

F3212 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra

F3212_36.0.B.2.109_R5A_GenericGLOBAL.ftf (Rom Sony F3212 FTF File)
F3212_36.0.B.2.109_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3212 Lock Remove File)

F3213 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra

F3213_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F3213 FTF File)
F3213_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3213 Lock Remove File)

F3215 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra

F3215_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_CustomizedAU.ftf (Rom Sony F3215 FTF File)
F3215_36.1.A.1.86_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3215 Lock Remove File)

F3216 - Sony Xperia XA Ultra

F3216_36.1.A.0.182_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony F3216 FTF File)
F3216_36.1.A.0.182_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3216 Lock Remove File)
F3216_36.1.A.1.90_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony F3216 FTF File)
F3216_36.1.A.1.90_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3216 Lock Remove File)
F3216_Setool Full File (Firmware Sony F3216 Setool File For Unbrick)

F3311 - Sony Xperia E5

F3311_37.0.A.2.108_R7A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony F3311 FTF File)
F3311_37.0.A.2.108_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3311 Lock Remove File)
F3311_37.0.A.2.248_R11A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware F3311 FTF File)
F3311_37.0.A.2.248_R11A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3311 Lock Remove File)

F3313 - Sony Xperia E5

F3313_37.0.A.2.183_R4A_CustomizedCL.ftf (Rom Sony F3313 FTF File)
F3313_37.0.A.2.183_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F3313 Lock Remove File)

F5121 - Sony Xperia X Dual

F5121_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony F5121 FTF File)
F5121_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5121 Lock Remove File)
F5121_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F5121 FTF File)
F5121_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5121 Lock Remove File)

F5122 - Sony Xperia X Dual

F5122_34.4.A.2.97_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F5122 FTF File)
F5122_34.4.A.2.97_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5122 Lock Remove File)
F5122_34.4.A.2.118_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony F5122 FTF File)
F5122_34.4.A.2.118_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5122 Lock Remove File)

F5321 - Sony Xperia X Compact

F5321_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony F5321 FTF File)
F5321_34.4.A.2.97_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5321 Lock Remove File)
F5321_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F5321 FTF File)
F5321_34.4.A.2.118_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F5321 Lock Remove File)

F8131 - Sony Xperia X Performance

F8131_35.0.A.1.238_R7A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony F8131 FTF File)
F8131_35.0.A.1.238_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8131 Lock Remove File)
F8131_41.3.A.0.401_R2E_Generic_GLOBAL.ftf (Firmware F8131 FTF File)
F8131_41.3.A.0.401_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8131 Lock Remove File)

F8132 - Sony Xperia X Performance Dual

F8132_35.0.A.1.238_R8A_CustomizedHK.ftf (Rom Sony F8132 FTF File)
F8132_35.0.A.1.238_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8132 Lock Remove File)
F8132_41.3.A.2.149_R2E_Customized_HK.ftf (Firmware F8132 FTF File)
F8132_41.3.A.2.149_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8132 Lock Remove File)

F8331 - Sony Xperia XZ

F8331_41.3.A.2.157_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F8331 FTF File)
F8331_41.3.A.2.157_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8331 Lock Remove File)

F8332 - Sony Xperia XZ Dual

F8332_41.3.A.2.157_R3E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony F8332 FTF File)
F8332_41.3.A.2.157_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony F8332 Lock Remove File)

G1109 - Sony Xperia Touch

G1109_44.3.A.0.94_R4C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony G1109 FTF File)
G1109_44.3.A.0.94_R4C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G1109 Lock Remove File)

G1209 - Sony Xperia Hello

G1209_46.3.A.0.58_R9C_VMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G1209 FTF File)
G1209_46.3.A.0.58_R9C_RemoveLock.ftf Sony G1209 Lock Remove File)

G3112 - Sony Xperia XA1 Dual Sim

G3112_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3112 FTF File)
G3112_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3112 Lock Remove File)
G3112_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized_UK.ftf (Rom Sony G3112 FTF File)
G3112_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3112 Lock Remove File)

G3116 - Sony Xepria XA1

G3116_40.0.A.6.162_R6A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony G3116 FTF File)
G3116_40.0.A.6.162_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3116 Lock Remove File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3116 FTF File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3116 Lock Remove File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_Customized_VN.ftf (Rom Sony G3116 FTF File)
G3116_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3116 Lock Remove File)

G3121 - Sony Xperia XA1

G3121_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G3121 FTF File)
G3121_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3121 Lock Remove File)
G3121_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized_UK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3121 FTF File)
G3121_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3121 Lock Remove File)

G3123 - Sony Xperia XA1

G3123_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony G3123 FTF File)
G3123_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3123 Lock Remove File)
G3123_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_Customized_US.ftf (Rom Sony G3123 FTF File)
G3123_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3123 Lock Remove File)

G3125 - Sony Xperia XA1

G3125_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_CustomizedAU.ftf (Rom Sony G3125 FTF File)
G3125_48.1.A.2.21_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3125 Lock Remove File)
G3125_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized_TW.ftf (Firmware Sony G3125 FTF File)
G3125_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3125 Lock Remove File)

G3212 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

G3212_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_CustomizedAE.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G3212 FTF File)
G3212_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3212 Lock Remove File)
G3212_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_Customized.AE.ftf (Firmware Sony G3212 FTF File)
G3212_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3212 Lock Remove File)

G3221 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

G3221_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3221 FTF File)
G3221_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3221 Lock Remove File)
G3221_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_Customized.UK.ftf (Rom Sony G3221 FTF File)
G3221_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3221 Lock Remove File)

G3223 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

G3223_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony G3223 FTF File)
G3223_48.1.A.2.21_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3223 Lock Remove File)
G3223_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_Customized.US.ftf (Firmware Sony G3223 FTF File)
G3223_48.1.A.2.101_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3223 Lock Remove File)

G3226 - Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

G3226_42.0.A.3.30_1308-3914_R4A.ftf (Rom Sony G3226 Bypass Google ok)
G3226_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3226 FTF File)
G3226_48.1.A.2.21_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3226 Lock Remove File)
G3226_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_Customized.VN.ftf (Rom Sony G3226 FTF File)
G3226_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3226 Lock Remove File)

G3311 - Sony Xperia L1

G3311_43.0.A.7.55_Germany_L1_7.0.ftf (Rom Sony G3311 Bypass Google ok)
G3311_43.0.A.7.70_R8A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony G3311 FTF File)
G3311_43.0.A.7.70_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3311 Lock Remove File)
G3311_43.0.A.7.99_R8A_Customized_UK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3311 FTF File)
G3311_43.0.A.7.99_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3311 Lock Remove File)

G3312 - Sony Xperia L1 Dual

G3312_43.0.A.7.70_R4A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Rom Sony G3312 FTF File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.70_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3312 Lock Remove File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.55_XPERIASITE_VN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3312 FTF File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.99_R4A_Customized_VN.ftf (Rom Sony G3312 FTF File)
G3312_43.0.A.7.99_R4A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3312 Lock Remove File)
G3312_43.0.A.6.49_Setool (Firmware Unbrick G3312 Flash by Setool box)

G3313 - Sony Xperia L1

G3313_43.0.A.7.70_R6A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony G3313 FTF File)
G3313_43.0.A.7.70_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3313 Lock Remove File)
G3313_43.0.A.7.99_R6A_Customized_US.ftf (Firmware Sony G3313 FTF File)
G3313_43.0.A.7.99_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3313 Lock Remove File)

G3412 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

G3412_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G3412 FTF File)
G3412_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3412 Lock Remove File)

G3416 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

G3416_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G3416 FTF File)
G3416_48.1.A.2.101_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3416 Lock Remove File)

G3421 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

G3421_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_Customized_IT.ftf (Firmware Sony G3421 FTF File)
G3421_48.1.A.2.101_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3421 Lock Remove File)

G3423 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

G3423_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony G3423 FTF File)
G3423_48.1.A.2.101_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G3423 Lock Remove File)

G3426 - Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

Download Tool Version Flashtool_0. (Flash Tool Sony G3426)
G3426_48.0.A.1.66_R4A_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony G3426 FTF File)

G8141 - Sony Xperia XZ Premium

G8141_47.1.A.12.235_R13B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8141 FTF File)
G8141_47.1.A.12.235_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8141 Lock Remove File)
G8141_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G8141 FTF File)
G8141_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8141 Lock Remove File)

G8142 - Sony Xperia XZ Premium

G8142_47.1.A.12.270_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8142 FTF File)
G8142_47.1.A.12.270_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8142 Lock Remove File)
G8142_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G8142 FTF File)
G8142_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8142 Lock Remove File)

G8188 - Sony Xperia XZ Premium

G8188_47.1.E.8.67_R4B_JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8188 FTF File)
G8188_47.1.E.8.67_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8188 Lock Remove File)
G8188_47.2.E.2.3_R4C_MVNO_SNC_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony G8188 FTF File)
G8188_47.2.E.2.3_R4C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8188 Lock Remove File)

G8231 - Sony Xperia XZs

G8231_41.3.A.2.239_R3E_Customized_IT.ftf (Firmware Sony G8231 FTF File)
G8231_41.3.A.2.239_R3E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8231 Lock Remove File)

G8232 - Sony Xperia XZs

G8232_41.3.A.2.239_R1E_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G8232 FTF File)
G8232_41.3.A.2.239_R1E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8232 Lock Remove File)

G8341 - Sony Xperia XZ1

G8341_47.1.A.12.270_R23B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony G8341 FTF File)
G8341_47.1.A.12.270_R23B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8341 Lock Remove File)
G8341_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G8341 FTF File)
G8341_47.2.A.10.28_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8341 Lock Remove File)

G8342 - Sony Xperia XZ1

G8342_47.1.A.12.270_R5B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8342 FTF File)
G8342_47.1.A.12.270_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8342 Lock Remove File)
G8342_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony G8342 FTF File)
G8342_47.2.A.10.45_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8342 Lock Remove File)

G8441 - Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

G8441_47.1.A.12.235_R17B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony G8441 FTF File)
G8441_47.1.A.12.235_R17B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8441 Lock Remove File)
G8441_47.2.A.10.28_R7C_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony G8441 FTF File)
G8441_47.2.A.10.28_R7C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony G8441 Lock Remove File)

H3113 - Sony Xperia XA2 Dual SIM

H3113_50.1.A.13.123_R20A_Customized.UK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3113 FTF File)
H3113_50.1.A.13.123_R20A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3113 Lock Remove File)

H3123 - Sony Xperia XA2

H3123_50.1.A.13.123_R15A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3123 FTF File)
H3123_50.1.A.13.123_R15A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3123 Lock Remove File)

H3133 - Sony Xperia XA2

H3133_50.1.A.5.59_R1A_CAJ.ftf (Stock Firmware Sony H3133 FTF File)
H3133_50.1.A.5.59_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3133 Lock Remove File)

H3213 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

H3213_50.1.A.10.40_R7A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H3213 FTF File)
H3213_50.1.A.10.40_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3213 Lock Remove File)
H3213_50.1.A.13.123_R9A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H3213 FTF File)
H3213_50.1.A.13.123_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3213 Lock Remove File)

H3223 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

H3223_50.1.A.10.40_R8A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony H3223 FTF File)
H3223_50.1.A.10.40_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3223 Lock Remove File)
H3223_50.2.A.0.352_R2B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony H3223 FTF File)
H3223_50.2.A.0.352_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3223 Lock Remove File)

H3311 - Sony Xperia L2

H3311_49.0.A.5.70_R9A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3311 FTF File)
H3311_49.0.A.5.70_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3311 Lock Remove File)
H3311_49.0.A.6.67_R9A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H3311 FTF File)
H3311_49.0.A.6.67_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3311 Lock Remove File)

H3321 - Sony Xperia L2

H3321_49.0.A.5.70_R2A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony H3321 FTF File)
H3321_49.0.A.5.70_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3321 Lock Remove File)
H3321_49.0.A.6.67_R2A_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Sony H3321 FTF File)
H3321_49.0.A.6.67_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3321 Lock Remove File)

H3413 - Sony Xperia XA2 Plus

H3413_50.1.A.13.83_R1A_StoreFront.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H3413 FTF File)
H3413_50.1.A.13.83_R1A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H3413 Lock Remove File)

H4113 - Sony Xperia XA2 Dual

H4113_50.1.A.13.123_R5A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H4113 FTF File)
H4113_50.1.A.13.123_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4113 Lock Remove File)

H4133 - Sony Xperia XA2

H4133_50.1.A.13.123_R2A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H4133 FTF File)
H4133_50.1.A.13.123_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4133 Lock Remove File)
H4133_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_CustomizedVN_Full.ftf (Rom Sony H4133 FTF File)
H4133_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4133 Lock Remove File)

H4213 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual

H4213_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H4213 FTF File)
H4213_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4213 Lock Remove File)
H4213_50.1.A.13.123_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H4213 FTF File)
H4213_50.1.A.13.123_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4213 Lock Remove File)

H4233 - Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual

H4233_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4233 FTF File)
H4233_50.1.A.10.40_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4233 Lock Remove File)
H4233_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H4233 FTF File)
H4233_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4233 Lock Remove File)

H4311 - Sony Xperia L2 Dual Sim

H4311_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony H4311 FTF File)
H4311_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4311 Lock Remove File)
H4311_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H4311 FTF File)
H4311_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4311 Lock Remove File)

H4331 - Sony Xperia L2

H4331_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4331 FTF File)
H4331_49.0.A.5.70_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4331 Lock Remove File)
H4331_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H4331 FTF File)
H4331_49.0.A.6.67_R3A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4331 Lock Remove File)

H4413 - Sony Xperia XA2 Plus

H4413_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_Customized_IT.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4413 FTF File)
H4413_50.2.A.0.352_R1B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4413 Lock Remove File)

H4493 - Sony Xperia XA2 Plus

H4493_50.1.A.13.83_R2A_CustomizedHK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H4493 FTF File)
H4493_50.1.A.13.83_R2A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H4493 Lock Remove File)

H8116 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium TD-LTE

H8116_51.1.A.6.83_R10A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H8116 FTF File)
H8116_51.1.A.6.83_R10A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8116 Lock Remove File)
H8116_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8116 FTF File)
H8116_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8116 Lock Remove File)

H8166 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Dual SIM

H8166_51.1.A.6.83_R6A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8166 FTF File)
H8166_51.1.A.6.83_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8166 Lock Remove File)
H8166_52.0.A.8.25_R2B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H8166 FTF File)
H8166_52.0.A.8.25_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8166 Lock Remove File)

H8216 - Sony Xperia XZ2

H8216_51.1.A.4.265_R14A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8216 FTF File)
H8216_51.1.A.4.265_R14A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8216 Lock Remove File)
H8216_52.0.A.8.14_R5B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H8216 FTF File)
H8216_52.0.A.8.14_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8216 Lock Remove File)

H8266 - Sony Xperia XZ2

H8266_51.1.A.4.265_R7A_CustomizedVN.ftf (Firmware Sony H8266 FTF File)
H8266_51.1.A.4.265_R7A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8266 Lock Remove File)
H8266_52.0.A.8.25_R3B_CustomizedVN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8266 FTF File)
H8266_52.0.A.8.25_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8266 Lock Remove File)

H8276 - Sony Xperia XZ2

H8276_51.1.A.3.159_R5A_FreedomCA.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8276 FTF File)
H8276_51.1.A.3.159_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8276 Lock Remove File)
H8276_52.0.A.3.27_R5B_Commercial_Journalists.ftf (Firmware Sony H8276)
H8276_52.0.A.3.27_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8276 Lock Remove File)

H8296 - Sony Xperia XZ2

H8296_51.1.A.4.265_R5A_CustomizedIN.ftf (Firmware Sony H8296 FTF File)
H8296_51.1.A.4.265_R5A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8296 Lock Remove File)
H8296_52.0.A.8.25_R4B_Customized_IN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8296 FTF File)
H8296_52.0.A.8.25_R4B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8296 Lock Remove File)

H8314 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

H8314_51.1.A.4.225_R12A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8314 FTF File)
H8314_51.1.A.4.225_R12A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8314 Lock Remove File)
H8314_52.0.A.8.14_R9B_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware Rom Sony H8314 FTF File)
H8314_52.0.A.8.14_R9B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8314 Lock Remove File)

H8324 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

H8324_51.1.A.4.265_R8A_CustomizedUK.ftf (Firmware Sony H8324 FTF File)
H8324_51.1.A.4.265_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8324 Lock Remove File)
H8324_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_CustomizedUK.ftf (Stock Rom Sony H8324 FTF File)
H8324_52.0.A.8.14_R2B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony H8324 Lock Remove File)

IS12S - Sony Xperia Acro HD

IS12S_6.1.D.1.103_R15G_IS12S_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony IS12S FTF File)
IS12S_6.1.D.1.103_R15G_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony IS12S Lock Remove File)

L50t - Sony Xperia Z2

L50t_17.1.E.2.67_R25A_ChinaMobileCN.ftf (Rom Sony L50t FTF File)
L50t_17.1.E.2.67_R25A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L50t Lock Remove File)

L50u - Sony Xperia Z2

L50u_17.1.1.F.0.43_R15A_China_Unicom_CN.ftf (Rom Sony L50u FTF File)
L50u_17.1.1.F.0.43_R15A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L50u Lock Remove File)

L55t - Sony Xperia Z3

L55t_23.0.1.G.0.87_R3B_China_Mobile_CSFB.ftf (Rom Sony L55t FTF File)
L55t_23.0.1.G.0.87_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L55t Lock Remove File)

L55u - Sony Xperia Z3

L55u_23.0.1.F.0.77_R3B_China_Unicom_CN.ftf (Rom Sony L55u FTF File)
L55u_23.0.1.F.0.77_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony L55u Lock Remove File)

LT15i - Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

LT15i_4.1.B.0.587_R1I_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony LT15i FTF File)
LT15i_4.1.B.0.587_R1I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony LT15i Lock Remove File)

LT18 - Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S

LT18_Setool File (Frimware Sony LT18i For Setool File)
LT18a lock remove.ftf (Sony LT18a Lock Remove File)
LT18i lock remove.ftf (Sony LT18i Lock Remove File

LT22i - Sony Xperia P

LT22i_6.2.A.1.100_Customized_India.ftf (Rom Sony LT22i FTF File)
Xperia P LT22i_6.2.A.1.100_lock remove.ftf (Sony LT22i Lock Remove File)

LT25c - Sony Xperia V

LT25c_9.1.E.0.324_R6I_China_Telecom.ftf (Rom Sony LT25c FTF File)
LT25c_9.1.E.0.324_R6I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony LT25c Lock Remove File)

LT25i - Sony Xperia V

LT25i_9.2.A.2.5_R2J_CustomizedSG.ftf (Rom Sony LT25i FTF File)
Xperia V LT25i_9.2.A.2.5_lock remove.ftf (Sony LT25i Lock Remove File)

LT26 - Sony Xperia S

LT26w_6.2.B.1.96_R2H_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony LT26w FTF File)
LT26w_1266-3204_6.2.B.1.96_R2H_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony LT26w Lock Remove File)
LT26i lock remove.ftf (Sony LT26i Lock Remove File)
LT26i_Jtag (File eMMC Dump Sony LT26i)

LT29 - Sony Xperia TX

LT29_7.0.A.3.212_1266-6178_RU(PCT).ftf (Rom Sony LT29i FTF File)
LT29i lock remove.ftf (Sony LT29i Lock Remove File)

M51w - Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

M51w_14.4.A.0.108_R11C_CustomizedCN.ftf (Rom Sony M51w FTF File)
M51w_14.4.A.0.108_R11C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony M51w Lock Remove File)

MT25 - Sony Xperia neo L

MT25i_4_1_B_0_631 (Firmware Sony MT25i For Setool File)

MT27 - Sony Xperia sola

MT27i_6_0_B_3_188  (Firmware Sony MT27i For Setool File)

R800i - Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

R800i_ALLFile (All File Sony R800i)

S55t - Sony Xperia C3 Dual

S55t_19.2.2.B.0.144_R3B_China_Mobile_CSFB.ftf (Rom Sony S55t FTF File)
S55t_19.2.2.B.0.144_R3B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony S55t Lock Remove File)

S55u - Sony Xperia C3 Dual

S55u_19.2.1.A.0.72_R5B_China_Unicom_CN.ftf (Rom Sony S55u FTF File)
S55u_19.2.1.A.0.72_R5B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony S55u Lock Remove File)

SGP311 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

SGP311_10.7.A.0.228_R2E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP311 FTF File)
SGP311_10.7.A.0.228_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP311 Lock Remove File)

SGP312 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

SGP312_10.5.A.0.230_R2D_VMoUS.ftf (Firmware Sony SGP312 FTF File)
SGP312_10.5.A.0.230_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP312 Lock Remove File)

SGP321 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

SGP321_10.7.A.0.228_R5E_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP321 FTF File)
SGP321_10.7.A.0.228_R5E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP321 Lock Remove File)

SGP341 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

SGP341_10.5.1.A.0.292_R7D_CustomizedCN.ftf (Rom Sony SGP341 FTF File)
SGP341_10.5.1.A.0.292_R7D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP341 Lock Remove File)

SGP351 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

SGP351_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP351 FTF File)
SGP351_10.7.A.0.222_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP351 Lock Remove File)

SGP412 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra

SGP412_14.3.A.2.21_R3C_VMo_JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SGP412 FTF File)
SGP412_14.3.A.2.21_R3C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP412 Lock Remove File)

SGP511 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi

SGP511_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP511 FTF File)
SGP511_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP511 Lock Remove File)

SGP512 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Wi-Fi

SGP512_23.5.A.0.575_R1D_CustomizedTW.ftf (Rom Sony SGP512 FTF File)
SGP512_23.5.A.0.575_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP512 Lock Remove File)

SGP521 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE

SGP521_23.5.A.1.291_R8D_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP521 FTF File)
SGP521_23.5.A.1.291_R8D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP521 Lock Remove File)

SGP541 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE

SGP541_17.1.1.A.0.402_R12A_VMoCN.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SGP541 FTF File)
SGP541_17.1.1.A.0.402_R12A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP541 Lock Remove File)

SGP551 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE

SGP551_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_CustomizedBR.ftf (Rom Sony SGP551 FTF File)
SGP551_23.5.A.1.291_R1D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP551 Lock Remove File)

SGP561 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE

SGP561_23.4.B.0.319_R22C_VerizonUSA.ftf (Rom Sony SGP561 FTF File)
SGP561_23.4.B.0.319_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP561 Lock Remove File)

SGP611 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

SGP611_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP611 FTF File)
SGP611_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP611 Lock Remove File)

SGP612 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

SGP612_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP612 FTF File)
SGP612_23.5.A.1.291_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP612 Lock Remove File)

SGP621 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

SGP621_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_CustomizedUS.ftf (Rom Sony SGP621 FTF File)
SGP621_23.5.A.1.291_R4D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP621 Lock Remove File)

SGP641 - Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

SGP641_23.5.A.0.575_R2D_CustomizedTW.ftf (Rom Sony SGP641 FTF File)
SGP641_23.5.A.0.575_R2D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP641 Lock Remove File)

SGP712 - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet WiFi

SGP712_28.0.A.3.0_R8A_GenericGLOBAL.ftf (Rom Sony SGP712 FTF File)
SGP712_28.0.A.3.0_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP712 Lock Remove File)

SGP771 - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE

SGP771_32.2.A.5.11_R8C_CustomizedUK.ftf (Rom Sony SGP771 FTF File)
SGP771_32.2.A.5.11_R8C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP771 Lock Remove File)
SGP771_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_CustomizedUS.ftf (Firmware SGP771 FTF File)
SGP771_32.4.A.1.54_R2E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SGP771 Lock Remove File)

SK17i - Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro

SK17i_Setool File (Firmware Sony SK17i For Setool File)
CM10 (Custom Rom Sony SK17i)

SO-01E - Sony Xperia AX Docomo

SO-01E_9.1.C.1.186_R17I_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO01E FTF File)
SO-01E_9.1.C.1.186_R17I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01E Lock Remove File)

SO-01F - SONY Xperia Z1 Docomo

SO-01F_14.3.B.0.362_R13C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO01F FTF File Android 4.4.2)
SO-01F_14.3.B.0.362_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01F Lock Remove File)
SO01F_512M (File Dump Sony SO01F)

SO-01G - Sony Xperia Z3 Docomo

SO-01G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-01G FTF File)
SO-01G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01G Lock Remove File)

SO-01H - Sony Xperia Z5 Docomo

SO-01H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-01H FTF File)
SO-01H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO01H Lock Remove File)

SO-01J - Sony Xperia XZ Au/Docomo

SO-01J_39.2.B.0.336_R15C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-01J FTF File)
SO-01J_39.2.B.0.336_R15C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-01J Lock Remove File)

SO-02E - Sony Xperia Z Docomo

SO-02E_10.5.1.B.0.155_R11D_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-02E FTF File)
SO-02E_10.5.1.B.0.155_R11D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02E Lock Remove File)

SO-02G - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Docomo (SO02G)

SO-02G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-02G FTF File)
SO-02G_23.1.B.1.317_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02G Lock Remove File)

SO-02H - Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Docomo

SO-02H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO02H FTF File)
SO-02H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02H Lock Remove File)

SO-02J - Sony Xperia X Compact

SO-02J_34.2.B.0.290_R12C_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-02J FTF File)
SO-02J_34.2.B.0.290_R12C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-02J Lock Remove File)

SO-03D - Sony Xperia Acro HD

Acro HD _SO-03D_6.1.f.0.106.ftf (Rom Sony SO03D FTF File Android 4.0)

SO-03G - Sony Xperia Z4 Docomo

SO-03G_32.1.E.1.98_R18C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO03G FTF File)
SO-03G_32.1.E.1.98_R18C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03G Lock Remove File)

SO-03H - Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Docomo

SO-03H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO03H FTF File)
SO-03H_32.1.F.1.98_R22C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03H Lock Remove File)

SO-03J - Sony Xperia XZs

SO-03J_41.3.B.1.181_R16E_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO03J FTF File)
SO-03J_41.3.B.1.181_R16E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03J Lock Remove File)

SO-03K - Sony Xperia XZ2 (DoCoMo)

SO-03K_52.0.B.9.49_R11B_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SO-03K FTF File)
SO-03K_52.0.B.9.49_R11B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-03K Lock Remove File)

SO-04G - Sony Xperia A4

SO-04G_23.5.B.0.396_R14D_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO04G FTF File)
SO-04G_23.5.B.0.396_R14D_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04G Lock Remove File)

SO-04H - Sony Xperia X Performance Docomo

SO-04H_35.0.B.2.292_R9A_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO04H FTF File)
SO-04H_35.0.B.2.292_R9A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO04H Lock Remove File)
SO-04H_39.2.B.0.336_R17C_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Firmware SO-04H FTF File)
SO-04H_39.2.B.0.336_R17C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04H Lock Remove File)

SO-04J - Sony Xperia XZ Premium

SO-04J_47.1.F.1.59_R17B_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO-04J FTF File)
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.59_R17B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04J Lock Remove File)
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.105_R18B_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom SO04J FTF File)
SO-04J_47.1.F.1.105_R18B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO04J Lock Remove File)

SO-04K - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium (SO04K)

SO-04K_51.1.B.4.53_R6A_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Rom Sony SO04K SO-04K FTF File)
SO-04K_51.1.B.4.53_R6A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-04K Lock Remove File)
SO-04K_52.0.B.9.62_R9B_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Firmware Sony SO04K FTF File)
SO-04K_52.0.B.9.62_R9B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO04K Lock Remove File)

SO-05G - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE

SO-05G_32.1.E.1.98_R19C_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SO-05G FTF File)
SO-05G_32.1.E.1.98_R19C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO05G Lock Remove File)

SO-05K - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (SO05K)

SO-05K_51.1.B.3.101_R8A_DoCoMoJP.ftf (Firmware Sony SO-05K FTF File
SO-05K_51.1.B.3.101_R8A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO-05K Lock Remove File)
SO-05K_52.0.B.9.93_R10B_NTT_DoCoMo_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SO05K FTF File)
SO-05K_52.0.B.9.93_R10B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SO05K Lock Remove File)

SOL21 - Sony Xperia VL

SOL21_9.1.D.0.401_R17I_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOL21 FTF File
SOL21_9.1.D.0.401_R17I_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL21 Lock Remove File)

SOL22 - Sony Xperia UL

SOL22_10.3.1.D.0.257_R13B_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOL22 FTF File
SOL22_10.3.1.D.0.257_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL22 Lock Remove File)

SOL23 - Sony Xperia Z1 LTE

SOL23_14.1.C.0.467_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOL23 FTF File)
SOL23_14.3.C.0.300_R21C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOL23 FTF File
SOL23_14.3.C.0.300_R21C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL23 Lock Remove File)
SOL23_3GB (File Dump 3GB Sony SOL23)
SOL23_512M (File Dump 512MB Sony SOL23)

SOL26 - Sony Xperia Z3 Au

SOL26_23.1.G.2.244_R21C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOL26 FTF File)
SOL26_23.1.G.2.244_R21C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOL26 Lock Remove File)

SOT21 - Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet LTE

SOT21_23.1.G.2.151_R20C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOT21 FTF File)
SOT21_23.1.G.2.151_R20C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOT21 Lock Remove File)

SOT31 - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet au

SOT31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOT31 FTF File)
SOT31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOT31 Lock Remove File)

SOV31 - Sony Xperia Z4 AU

SOV31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV31 FTF File)
SOV31_32.1.C.0.401_R19C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV31 Lock Remove File)
SOV31_Setool Full File (Firmware Sony SOV31 Setool File For Unbrick)

SOV32 - Sony Xperia Z5 Au

SOV32_32.1.C.0.401_R20C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV32 FTF File)
SOV32_32.1.C.0.401_R20C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV32 Lock Remove File)

SOV33 - Sony Xperia X Performance Au

SOV33_35.0.D.0.362_R20A_KDDIJP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV33 FTF File)
SOV33_35.0.D.0.362_R20A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV33 Lock Remove File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.226_R15C_KDDIJP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOV33 FTF File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.226_R15C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV33 Lock Remove File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_KDDI_JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV33 FTF File)
SOV33_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV33 Lock Remove File)

SOV34 - Sony Xperia XZ (Au/Docomo)

SOV34_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_KDDI-JP.ftf (Rom Sony SOV34 FTF File)
SOV34_39.2.C.0.311_R16C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV34 Lock Remove File)

SOV35 - Sony Xperia XZs

SOV35_41.3.C.1.203_R22E_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOV35 FTF File)
SOV35_41.3.C.1.203_R22E_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV35 Lock Remove File)

SOV37 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Docomo

SOV37_51.1.C.3.73_R15A_KDDI-JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SOV37 FTF File)
SOV37_51.1.C.3.73_R15A_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV37 Lock Remove File)
SOV37_52.0.C.5.90_R13B_KDDI_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony SOV37 FTF File)
SOV37_52.0.C.5.90_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV37 Lock Remove File)

SOV38 - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

SOV38_52.0.C.5.99_R13B_KDDI_JP.ftf (Stock Rom Sony SOV38 FTF File)
SOV38_52.0.C.5.99_R13B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony SOV38 Lock Remove File)

ST18 - Sony Ericsson Xperia ray

ST18i ALLFILE (Sony ST18i Firmware All File)

ST21 - Sony Xperia Tipo

ST21i_11_0_A_4_22 (Firmware Sony ST21i For Setool File)
Xperia Tipo ST21i_11.0.A.4.22_lock remove.ftf (Sony ST21i Lock Remove File)

ST23 - Sony Xperia Miro

ST23i_11_0_A_2_16 (Firmware Sony ST23i For Setool File)
Xperia miro ST23i_11.0.A.5.5_lock remove.ftf (Sony ST23i Lock Remove File)

ST25 - Sony Xperia U

ST25i_6_1_1_B_1_54 (Firmware Sony ST25i For Setool File)
Xperia U ST25i_6.1.1.B.1.10_lock remove.ftf (Sony ST25i Lock Remove File)

ST26i - Sony Xperia J

ST26i_11.2.A.0.31_R4E_CustomizedIN.ftf (Rom Sony ST26i FTF File)
ST26i_Jtag (File eMMC Dump Sony ST26i)

WT19 - Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

WT19i_Setool File (Firmware Sony WT19i For Setool File)
WT19a_lock remove.ftf (Sony WT19a Lock Remove File)
WT19i_lock remove.ftf (Sony WT19i Lock Remove File)

X10 - Sony Ericsson Xperia

X10i_3_0_1_G_0_75 (Firmware Sony X10i For Setool File)
CM10 (Custom Rom cm10 Xperia X10i)
Xperia  X10a_3.0.1.G.0.75_lock remove.ftf  (Sony X10a Lock Remove File)
Xperia X10i_3.0.1.G.0.75_lock remove.ftf  (Sony X10i Lock Remove File)

XM50t - SONY Xperia T2 Ultra

XM50t_19.1.1.D.0.68_R8B_ChinaMobileCN.ftf (Rom Sony XM50t FTF File)
XM50t_19.1.1.D.0.68_R8B_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony XM50t Lock Remove File)


  1. What is lock remove.ftf for?
  2. link tai banyak sponsornya
    1. namanya grtisan ya gini bro. klo gk mau iklan lu cari yg premium
  3. perbedaan Lock remove file dgn yg Biasa Apa, Gan?
    1. File Lock Remove : berisi file userdata dan cache, berguna untuk menhapus pola/pin, ukuran file kecil

      File TFT / biasa : berisi seluruh file (system, userdata, cache dan lain2) ukuran file besar

      Terima kasih, semoga bisa membantu
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