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Infinity-Box install BEST2 v1.20

Infinity-Box [BEST] NK2 v1.20 - 220.4G, 2.3 and more !

As ordinary, unique result of silent work is here.

HMD Nk 220 4G (2019)
Nk 220 4G - TA-1148, TA-1155, TA-1171
- Identify, check securiy
- Reset Settings/Format FS
- Read UserCode
- Backup security

HMD Nk 2.3 Ironman
Nk 2.3 - TA-1206, TA-1209, TA-1211, TA-1214
- Identify
- Flash Firmware
- Reset Settings/Format FS
- Reset FRP

- Base
Loader database updated
ModelFinder updated
Bugfixes and minor changes

Flash Engine updated
Updated loader database
Nk 2.3 support activated in standalone mode

SVC engine updated
Nk 220 4G support activated ( partial )
UserCode reading revised
Identify revised

Support area:
- New firmwares for supported models can be found at support area
- New drivers for 105/110/220 can be found at support area

Infinity-Box install BEST2 v1.20
Infinity-Box install BEST2 v1.20
Support Download

Password : 12345678

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