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Maxtron S8 Galaxy Firmware

Maxtron S8 Galaxy
SPD SC9832
Identify CM2SPD
Model Name : sp9832a_2h11_4mvoltesea
Model Brand : Swipe
Model Device: sp9832a_2h11_volte
AndrVersion : 6.0
BaseBand CPU: SP9832A_2H11_VOLTE
Project Ver : MAXTRON_S8 galaxy_124_V01_20190809
Model Ext : MAXTRON S8

Link Firmware Read CM2SPD Format (NV Included)

Link Firmware Read CM2SPD PAC (CM2SPD NV Included)
SP9832A_2H11_VOLTE_sp9832a_2h11_volte_6.0_MAXTRON_S8_galaxy_124_V01_20190809 PAC

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